Essential Oil Diffusers

I’ve had several people ask me about ordering diffusers, so I think it’s time to put together another order.  :)


The cost is $60, but we need to order in cases of 12.  If you’re interested in purchasing a diffuser, fill out the order form and send it to me with your check.  I’ll hold onto the check until we have a total of 12 diffusers ordered.  Then I’ll cash your check and place the order.  Once the diffusers arrive, I’ll e-mail you and we can make arrangements for you to pick it up.  Click on this link for a copyt of the order form.  Call me if you have any questions.


Thanks!  :)



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1 comment to Essential Oil Diffusers

  • Leah Spencer

    If I didn’t already have 4 diffusers…I would think about getting one. I love them. They have been such a life saver and well worth the price. I love how the light doubles as a night light in my kids’ bedrooms. (of course thenlight is optiional.) essential oils in the air…..there is just nothing more refreshing and healing.

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