Each of us are on a journey – a journey to discover who we are, why we are here, the gifts we have, and the purpose for those gifts.  An exciting journey that helps us learn, grow, develop, and eventually become who we are meant to be.

Mind Body and Sole is a holistic health practice and website that developed, and continues to develop, as a result of my journey.

It allows me to share my love of Foot Zone Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, and  Energy Therapies, like Jin Shin Jyutsu.  It also allows me to share information on herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, and traditional food education and preparation.

I love helping students and clients, just like you,

Regain Health so they can live their best life,

Remember Happiness and find joy in their life, and

Recognize their Gifts and embrace their life – and enjoy the journey.

Thank you for visiting my website!  I hope you find lots of useful and helpful information!  If there’s anything I can help you with or if you’d like to schedule a session, please feel free to contact me.