Everything is made up of molecules which vibrate at a specific frequency or rate.  The human body’s energy movement (frequency) is vibrating at a rate of 186,300 miles per second (the speed of light).  When we die, the body’s frequency drops until it is the frequency of the earth.

In our body energy flows through various, specific pathways. There is the Main Central flow, left and right Supervisor flow, left and right Mediator flow, Organ flows, and Meridians.  We also have seven main Chakras that resonate at a certain vibration and emanate a particular color.  Chakras spin in one direction or the other, alternating every other one.

The source of our body’s energy is our Spirit.  If you think of the Chakras as electrical cords and the meridians as light bulbs all over the body, you can understand how the Spirit, Chakras, and Meridians work together.

If our energy is blocked, because of trauma, or stress, or body piercings (to name a few) nothing flows right.  You may have physical illness and pain or you could also be dealing with emotional blockages, fears and depression and so on.  No matter what the cause of the blockage is, it has a negative reaction on your energy system.

In order for there to be “light” you must have everything working properly and plugged into each other.  A light bulb isn’t going to light if it isn’t plugged into the power cord.  The power cord won’t do any good if there’s a break in the line.  Through Energy Correction, I help locate the blockage and then YOU (your Spirit) takes over from there and makes the correction.

The wonderful thing about Energy Work is that your Spirit knows truth, your Spirit knows wholeness, your Spirit knows wellness and your Spirit will take you there, IF you get out of the way.  Many times our own perceptions, thoughts, feelings, actions, and even our words create an energy blockage that prevents the energy from getting to a particular part of our body.  This causes a weakness in that area of the body which attracts illness or injury.

Everyone has heard of sound waves, well the words we speak create sound waves.  Dr. Emoto has shown that words (and even thoughts) directed at water result in the creation of different crystals when the water is frozen depending on the type of word spoken or thought.  Beautiful water crystals are formed when words like love, kindness, joy are directed at the water.  Ugly water crystals are formed when words like hate, evil, and even Hitler are directed at the water.  Considering the composition of our body and our brain, imagine the effect that negative words and thoughts are having on our bodies.

Through Energy Work, negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be cleared, our Light will shine more brightly, and our energy will flow more freely and strongly.