Food Storage Group Buy Opportunity

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Hello Friends!  🙂

I have found a Group Buy option with monthly purchases that are good for food storage.  All orders must be placed through a ward/group representative.  They cannot take individual orders.  Water purifiers and frozen pie dough are the items for February, 2011.  Here is a description of each item along with the order form.  01WaterPurifiers2011 

If you are interested in purchasing, please get  your order to me on or before Saturday, February 26, 2011.  All orders will need to be exact cash amounts, no checks or money orders, and I will need your completed order form with your payment.

Here is the expected order schedule for the next two years (this list is subject to change):
Food Storage 2011
February – Water Purifiers and Perfect Pie Dough
March – Granola
April – San Francisco Herbs, Flavorings & Spice Blends
May – Hard White Wheat, Grains & Flour
August – Chocolate
September – Idahoan Potatoes
October – Peggy Layton’s “Cookin’ With Food Storage” books and Perfect Pie Dough

Food Storage 2012

February – Water & Storage Containers, Potable Water Hoses

March – Granola

May – First Aid Supplies

June – Saf-Instant yeast, Rumford baking powder, Real Salt, dough enhancer, soup base & gravies.

August – Chocolate

September – Jello brand gelatin and pudding & Perfect Pie Dough

In order to protect their ‘tax exempt’ status, Church guidelines do not allow for the sale of goods other than dry pack opportunities to take place within ward buildings.  Please let your friends know about this group buy via e-mail and word of mouth.  This group buy is not sanctioned by the church, although they support our individual efforts toward temporal preparedness.  This is just a group of family, friends, and neighbors working together to be prepared.  If you have any questions, you can call me at 801-292-7574.

I’m excited to bring these opportunities to you, please share them with your friends, and please let me know if you have any questions.



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