For the past nine months, I met with a wonderful group of women as they studied and practiced to become certified in the Foot Zone Technique. Their dedication was inspiring. They scheduled vacations and special events around our monthly classes. They gave their hearts because they wanted to serve and help others – and become better themselves in the process. Following their final exam, I asked them to tell me about their experiences during the past nine months of training for Foot Zone Certification. This is what they had to say. 🙂


“In my massage practice, I’ve specialized in reflexology for 15 years. I’ve always believed in its benefits – I know it works. That’s why I was intrigued when I heard about foot zoning. I finally had a chance to experience a foot zone and I was very impressed at how much more thorough the treatment seemed to be than what I had learned with reflexology. After questioning the owner of the school where this zoner had graduated, I was satisfied that foot zoning would be a good addition to my bag of bodywork tools.

Truthfully, I have added some reflexology techniques to what I have learned to do in the zone, but that’s only personal preference. The zone, as we mapped it, is a complete treatment. When I perform a foot zone on a client, I know that they are now getting the best I have to offer. This is good work.

During the course, I met wonderful people; dedicated teachers, and committed students. I have already seen this work change the lives of my fellow students and can hardly wait to experience the changes this will bring to people who come to me for zoning.” Janet Ollman Blackmer, LMT


“The ability to serve others by the foot zone technique is a great blessing to me. I began this journey on faith. The Spirit would not leave me alone until I accepted the challenge to learn to foot zone. I am beginning to see real results. Pain relief, relaxation, emotional release and detoxification are some of the benefits reported to me after friends and referrals have given me the opportunity to zone their feet.

I appreciate that the zone is a definite pattern and method but is an energy work modality. The tangible benefit of the zone and the opportunity to bring relief, relaxation, and healing to my brothers and sisters on this earthly journey is a joy. The zone works. It is real and powerful and just plain fun. The journey to certify is worth the time, sweat, stress, and dollars that are required. The benefits are great friends and increased confidence.” Ranee Wheatley


“Ever since I was a child, after having an uncle explain it to me, I have been fascinated by reflexology. So when Kathy asked if I wanted to take the foot zoning classes, it was a no-brainer. My only reservations were the cost of the class. But when something is right, it works out and it was right for me. I loved the class and getting to know all of my wonderful classmates, one who it turned out was my sister who had also signed up for the class and we discovered only a short time before the class began that we would be taking it together! I particularly enjoyed the many different perspectives that Kathy brought to the class by inviting guest speakers with backgrounds in various types of natural healing modalities.

I have also been enjoying the foot zoning work that I have been doing as a result of learning the zone. Even after just the first session of class, while practicing the zone on several different people I was able to see how the zone was benefiting the people I loved. I was able to help a friend who’s daughter has chronic constipation, my sister who has multiple sclerosis, and another friend with adrenal fatigue. I saw the zone relieve headaches and reduce symptoms of neuropathy and poor circulation, and that was only after the 4th month of class! I am really excited to see what other places this journey will take me on as I plan to continue learning more modalities of natural healing and energy work.” Anji Sandage


“I thoroughly enjoyed taking the 9 month Foot Zone Course. Through this new and fascinating journey I learned about the modality and how our feet are maps of our body. And when we manipulate the feet by activating the energy signals with specific and precise moves our bodies will heal and repair. I am now seeing the benefits myself as I zone others. From our anatomy studies I am now very familiar with the body systems, locations and it’s functions. The class also introduced and taught me about essential oils, tinctures, healing music, herbs, healthier food, lifestyle choices, and much more. I met wonderful and talented women who I consider my friends. I can honestly say that my life has been changed for the best. I plan to continue down this healing path and learn as much as I can so that I will be able to help and bless the lives of others.” Julia Milburn


“Learning Foot Zone Therapy is life changing! The body is amazing and studying the different systems and how we can energetically balance the body is fascinating. The knowledge I have gained is helping my family, my friends, and their friends!” Debbie Gardner





“Foot Zoning is Amazing! I am so thankful that I found something that can bless the lives of my family and friends! I love how the classes also included learning about anatomy, nutrition, and essential oils. Best of all I made friendships that will last a lifetime!” Michell Powers





“I have seen how much good the zone has to offer people. It has become such a powerful tool in helping people recognize things – correct thought patterns – improve energy – decrease anxiety, and release emotion that has been causing chronic pain.

It has also slowly been changing the atmosphere in our home. Our teenage son has been more likely to engage in voluntary conversation, which is a BIG step for him.

I love the zone and am so glad that I took the opportunity and even made the sacrifices to take this course. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, loved getting to know my classmates, and Kathy is a wonderful instructor with a warm and giving spirit who was well-prepared and added variety to the course by bringing in guest speakers.” Denise Merrell


You’ll find more information on the Foot Zone Certification classes under the Foot Zoning link on my website, and you can always contact me for more information too. 🙂