Dr. Patricia Slagle (www.thewayup.com) recommends not taking any individual nutritional supplement, unless first taking a good multivitamin / mineral (which by its self covers many basic nutritional needs).  It is impossible to build the walls and roof of a house without first laying a proper foundation.

Most nutrients are dependent upon the presence of other nutrients, as they work together to do their job, just as would happen with a perfect diet.  Singular supplementing without a baseline balanced product can actually create deficiencies.  For instance, if you are taking one of the single B vitamins without getting the whole complex of B’s you can actually cause a deficiency of those not supplemented.  Or if you are taking only Calcium, and no Magnesium, you can add to a Calcium imbalance, and so on.  So before you add any individual vitamin, mineral, or amino acid, have your Multi vitamin mineral in place.  This rule does not apply for digestive enzymes, hormones, herbs, certain specialty products, and homeopathics which have unique functions not dependent upon a certain balance of nutrients.


  • A good children’s multivitamin mineral in the dosage recommended on the label (I recommend Bio Trophic Plus from Biotics)
  • An Omega Oil Supplement (I recommend Green Pasture cod liver oil)
  • Extra Vitamin C, 150 mg twice daily* (I recommend Mixed Ascorbate Powder from Biotics)

Adult Minimal:

  • High quality Multivitamin Mineral as directed on bottle (I recommend Trophic Plus from Biotics)
  • Vitamin C, 1000 mg twice daily with meals (I recommend Bio C Plus 1000 from Biotics)
  • Vitamin B complex, once daily with breakfast (I recommend Bio B 100 from Biotics)
  • Sublingual B12/Folic Acid, as directed on bottle** (I recommend B12 Folate from Biotics)
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil / High Vitamin Butter Oil, daily #

Women Over 35 and Those Off Dairy:

Add Calcium/Magnesium with Vitamin D, 2:1 Ratio, 1200-1500 mg : 600-750 mg daily in divided doses (I recommend Ca/Mg Zyme and Bio D Mulsion Forte by Biotics)

Vegetarian & Pregnancy/Nursing:

  • Add extra iron (I recommend Fe Zyme from Biotics)
  • Additional B12/folic acid (I recommend B12 Folate from Biotics)


Biotics supplements are whole food, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements which can be purchased from your health care provider or by contacting me at 801-292-7574.


* This is a change from Dr. Slagle’s recommendation of 250 mg twice daily

**Recent studies have shown that an imbalance of B12 may create health risks, I typically muscle test to see if I need to take this vitamin.

# This is a change from Dr. Slagle’s recommendation of Omega Oils Supplement, 2-3 times daily with meals