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Emotional Anatomy

Emotional Anatomy is an online course offered by Steven Horne.

The following articles are an introduction to each of the course segments.


I first met Steven at the LDS Holistic Living Conference where he was teaching a class on herbal remedies.  His class was completely full and after hearing him teach I understood why.   I recently participated in a free preview of Steven’s Emotional Anatomy webinar and following the webinar contacted Steven to see if he would be willing to submit a guest post on the topic of Emotional Anatomy.  I am grateful and humbled that he accepted.


T he structure of our body reveals a lot about what is going on inside of us emotionally. In fact, it reveals more about who we really are inside than our words. Often what we think we are like in our head isn’t true, but what is going on in our body is very real.  So, if we are willing to take an honest, hard look at ourselves, we can learn a lot about our real emotions by looking at our body.

The Physical World

I n his previous article, Steven laid out the fundamentals of his system of emotional anatomy, including the three “worlds” of our being.  In this post, he discusses the lowest of these three worlds, the physical world of our abdomen or guts.

The Heart World

In his previous article, Steven discussed the lowest of the three “worlds” of our being, the physical world of our abdomen or guts.  In this post, he moves upward to the middle world, the world of our heart.

The Mental World

Having completed our discussion of the first two “worlds” of our being, the physical and emotional world, it’s time to discuss the world of our mind.  This uppermost world of our being is the realm of thought, intelligence and perception.


Feelings are important.  We may not like all the feelings we have, but they are all important, even the so-called “negative” ones.  Negative feelings are like pain.  We may not like pain, but if we didn’t feel pain, we wouldn’t know what was harmful to the body or realize when we had injured ourselves.

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