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Every once in a while we all need to stop and ask for directions.  Whether it’s on our knees, in the scriptures, Mapquest, or talking with a trusted friend, asking for help can provide us with a course correction or possibly send us on a new exciting journey of self discovery.

Below are some of my favorite resources.  These are my ‘go-to’ companies – the products I use – the training I’ve taken (or plan to take) – the websites I visit – who I recommend to my friends.  Some products I love so much that I’ve become a Distributor/Wholesaler/Affiliate.  Some companies offer discounts on products to my friends and family (if they do, I’ve given you the code).

These are the people, products, and companies that I trust enough to use.  I’m hope you like them too.

Training Programs

Everyone is on a journey to develop their gifts and talents and become the person they are supposed to be.  If you believe that your journey includes training in Nutritional Therapy, Foot Zone Therapy, Energy modalities, or herbs, the following courses are some that I can highly recommend.  Please let them know that I referred you.

Energy Therapy Resources

If you have questions about Energy Therapies or want to learn more about Energy Therapies, the resources below can help you.  I’ve shared some great books written by wonderful Practitioners that I know personally as well as a conference where I’ve presented and which is hosted by a wonderful women that I know and admire.

Herbal Resources

These are some of my FAVORITE resources for herbs.  You’ll find blogs, and magazines, and websites, and classes, and membership opportunities all designed to help you learn more about the amazing plants that grow all around us!

Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Resources

Ahhh, aromatherapy and essential oils.  One of my favorite topics.  If you want to learn about the proper use of essential oils and where to find quality essential oils (that are not part of a network marketing plan), the resources below can help.  These are the essential oil brands I know, love, and use for my family and in my business.

Resources for Learning About Traditional Foods and Traditional Food Preparation

Traditional foods and traditional food preparation is essential for optimal health, but learning these time-tested techniques for preparing our family’s food can seem daunting when we first begin.  I’ve compiled some of my favorite resources for learning both the why and the how of traditional foods.  Bon appetit!

Resources for Purchasing Real Food

After learning why traditional foods and traditional food preparation is so critical to our health, the next question becomes, ‘Where do I find real food?”  These resources can help.  If you’re in the Davis County Utah area, I can help you as the Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation (click on the Davis County Chapter link and add your information to the email list).  If you’re not in the Davis County area, the other links can help you find real food sources and even find a Chapter Leader in your area.

Supplements and Super Foods

The truth of the matter is that our foods are not as nutrient dense as they used to be.  Combine that knowledge with the reality that digestive system issues are pretty common in our society, and the possibility of getting all of our nutrients from the food we eat becomes a challenge.  But I don’t want to compound the problem by using synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements that my body doesn’t utilize properly.   The products below are the only supplements to my whole food diet that I use, because I know I can trust them.


The following are products I use – some I use daily, others I use for specific tasks or during the harvest season.  But I wouldn’t want to be without them.

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