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Are you ready to focus on Self-Care?  Do you have a Wellness Goal or do you need help with a health concern?

As a Practitioner, I’ll cater our sessions to your desired outcome and complete each session with customized Suggestions for Self-Care to help you improve your health and well-being and get the most out of each session.

Request a free Discovery Session and let’s see how we can work together to help you feel better and live happier and healthier!  Or, if you’re ready to get started, give me a call or use the online scheduler to book a session and start experiencing how good you can feel!

What about a Life Goal?

As an Instructor, I bring all my training and experience to the classroom to support and encourage my students as they recognize their gifts and journey toward becoming who they were meant to BE.

Register for the Foot Zone Certification Course and let me help you become a Foot Zone Practitioner.  Or check out the Event Calendar and see what other classes I’m teaching that will help you on your journey.

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Kathy is a very gifted, skilled, and intuitive practitioner.  She is also very generous in her desire and approach to helping people.  Her combination of creating a relaxing environment, her own gentle personality, and using her intuitive skills to find what is needed is wonderful.

J. E.


Experience the Balance
that comes from
Foot Zone Therapy

Foot Zone Therapy uses the body’s natural signal system to help restore balance and homeostasis.  By stimulating signals in the feet, the body’s own innate healing intelligence is activated to establish balance, elevate energy, and renew cells.

105-minute Initial Session – $75

90-minute Follow-Up Session – $60

Children 12 and Under – $40

5 Follow-Up Session Package – $250 (save $50)

Discover the Peace
that comes from
Jin Shin Jyutsu®

Jin Shin Jyutsu® is the art of harmonizing the life-energy of the body.  Utilizing Safety Energy Locks located along energy pathways in the body, blockages and disturbances along the pathway are cleared allowing energy to flow freely.

50-minute Session – $40

5-Session Package – $160 (save $40)

10-Session Intensive Package; 2/day for 5 days – $360 (save $40)

Feel the Freedom
that comes from
The Emotion Code®

The Emotion Code® is a way to identify and release hidden and trapped emotions and heart-walls that may be causing pain or preventing you from moving forward in your life or your career.

30-minute Phone Session – $30

5-Session Package – $120 (save $30)

Enjoy the Vitality
that comes from
Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based approach to health that uses an assessment process to identify imbalances in body chemistry which are corrected through diet, lifestyle changes, and targeted nutrients.  Nutritional Therapy treats the body as a whole while seeking the root source of health concerns, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

120-minute Initial Session – $100

Follow-Up Session – $50

Find the Answers
that come from a
Personal Nutrition Assessment

Your Personal Nutrition Assessment will help you target YOUR specific nutritional needs!  You’ll gain greater insight into your health AND identify targeted areas to begin improving your health.

Your Personal Nutrition Assessment will arm you with specific, personalized goals increasing your chance for success and lasting results.

Reports & Consultation – $40

Make the Connection
that happens with a
Discovery Call

Wondering which of my services will best meet your Wellness Goal?  Schedule a free 20-Minute Discovery Call and get your questions answered.  During the call, we’ll discuss your Goals and determine which holistic therapies will help you reach them.  Your Discovery Call is a great time to ask questions about my approach, experience, training, pricing, and packages.

Biomat 7000

The Biomat 7000 uses a combination of fabrics and amethyst stones to generate infrared heat which aids in detoxification as well as relaxing muscles, increasing circulation, and reducing inflammation and joint pain.

Use as a stand-alone therapy or as a compliment to your session.

30-minute Stand-Alone Session – $40

30-Minute Compliment to Foot Zone, Nutritional Therapy, or JSJ Session – $20

Cell Spa

The Cell Spa Ionic Detox Foot Bath generates positive and negative ions which aid the body’s natural detoxification process to relieve pain and tension, reduce inflammation, promote metabolism and improve sleep quality.

Use as a stand-alone therapy or as a compliment to your session.

30-minute Stand-Alone Session – $40

30-Minute Compliment to Foot Zone, Nutritional Therapy, or JSJ Session – $20

Himalayan Salt Block

The Himalayan Salt Block Foot Detox helps draw out toxins and impurities from the body while imparting essential minerals into the skin.  Relieve anxiety and stress, alleviate pain in the feet and legs, and reduce swelling.

Use as a stand-alone therapy or as a compliment to your session.

30-minute Stand-Alone Session – $40

30-Minute Compliment to Foot Zone, Nutritional Therapy, or JSJ Session – $20


I love Kathy and the amazing work she has done to help me feel right!

Louise McCleve

Wellness Packages

Energy Therapy
Wellness Package


8 weeks

(save $45)

1 – Emotion Code® Phone Session

3 – Foot Zone Session

4 – Jin Shin Jyutsu Session

Nutritional Therapy
Wellness Package


12 weeks

(save $50)

1 – Initial Consultation & Functional Evaluation

3 – Functional Re-Evaluation

3 – Phone Consultation

3 – Electronic Coaching Session

Wellness Package


14 weeks

(save $95)

1 – Initial Consultation & Functional Evaluation

2 – Functional Re-Evaluation

2 – Electronic Coaching Session

2 – Foot Zone Session w/ N.T. Consultation

2 – Jin Shin Jyutsu® Session w/ N.T. Consultation

Wellness Package


14 weeks

(save $130)

1 – Initial Consultation & Functional Evaluation

3 – Functional Re-Evaluation

1 – Phone Consultation

3 – Electronic Coaching Session

3 – Foot Zone Session w/ N.T. Consultation

3 – Jin Shin Jyutsu® Session w/ N.T. Consultation


To learn from Kathy is a gift.  She loves what she is doing and it shows every time you come to class!

Carly Jenkins

Classes & Training Programs

Check out the Event Calendar for information on
webinars, Facebook LIVE events, open houses, conferences, classes, and workshops.
Foot Zone Certification Course

As an Instructor for We Do Feet Seminars my goal is to help you become the best Foot Zone Practitioner you can be!  Our 9-month Certification program offers our students the most comprehensive curriculum in the country.  When you finish your training, you will feel competent and confident in your skills as a Practitioner and in your ability to help and serve others.

Discover the We Do Feet difference, you’ll be glad you did!

The RESTART® Program

The RESTART® Program is a simple, powerful way to learn about nutrition and it’s affect on the body.  This 5-week group nutrition program, with a 3-week sugar detox built right in, focuses on how to use REAL Food to boost your energy, reduce inflammation, and get rid of sugar and carb cravings.

Part nutritional education, part sugar detox, part support group – an empowering combination!

Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self-Care

Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an ancient healing art of harmonizing the body through gentle touch. Originating from Japan, the name Jin Shin Jyutsu literally translates to “The Art of the Creator Through the Person of Knowing and Compassion.” Similar to acupressure, Jin Shin Jyutsu uses light touch over specific areas on the body to balance and restore the energy flow to a more harmonious state.

Experience the peaceful rejuvenating goodness that is at your fingertips!


Kathy is a wonderful instructor with a warm and giving spirit.

Denise Merrell