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Student Resources Dashboard

The information provided in the Class Modules below includes homework assignments, articles, and links designed to support you as you prepare for Foot Zone Certification. This information will help you prepare for and develop a greater understanding of the information that will be discussed in class.

At the request of students, I am also including links to supplies that will help you set up your zoning area.


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Graduate Resources Dashboard

The following information is designed to support you as a Foot Zone Practitioner. This supplemental information will help you increase your understanding of the information that was taught in class and provide additional resources to help you as you support your Foot Zone clients.  In addition to the information below, you may also find valuable resources on the Sites of Interest page of this website.



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Welcome to Mind Body and Sole Group Buys

Group Buys are a group of people who go together on a purchase in order to get better pricing.  Before ordering, please remember that Group Buy orders must be picked up from my home in Centerville, Utah, and cannot be shipped.  All items are pre-paid, there are no refunds, and any purchase constitutes an agreement to these terms.


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Welcome to the Find a Foot Zoner Near You Directory Dashboard


While going through the We Do Feet Foot Zone Certification course I realized that the public needed a way to find Foot Zone Practitioners in their area.  You see, I created my website while I was a student and I was surprised when people from all over the country would contact me asking if I could refer them to a Foot Zone Practitioner near them.

Well, it seemed that a Directory listing Certified Foot Zone Practitioners would help the public find Practitioners, it would help Practitioners find clients, and it would promote Foot Zone Therapy for everyone! But no one had a a Professional Directory for Foot Zone Therapy!  So of course I had to create one!  Thus began the Find a Foot Zoner Near You Directory.

As my knowledge of the internet and website management grew I recognized the benefit of making the Find a Foot Zoner Directory available on many websites. You see, if people in Georgia were visiting my Utah website (I live in Utah) looking for a Foot Zone Practitioner, then people in Utah may be visiting a Georgia website looking for a Foot Zone Practitioner. That’s when I created the Find a Foot Zoner Near You BUTTON.

The html code for the button is made available to everyone with a website interested in promoting holistic health, and as a result the Find a Foot Zoner Near You button is on websites all over the country! Visitors just click on the button and they’re taken right to the Directory!

What You Do

As a Certified Practitioner you can be listed on the Directory at NO CHARGE! The only thing I ask is this, if you have a website, please include the Find a Foot Zoner Near You button on your website sidebar, footer, or Foot Zoning page where it can easily be seen by people looking for a Foot Zone Practitioner. It doesn’t take anything away from you, it adds credibility to your practice, it helps the public find a Foot Zone Practitioner, it helps Practitioners find a client, and it promotes Foot Zone Therapy for EVERYONE! Plus it’s good Karma!

Please keep your information correct, complete, and up-to-date.  The Directory will only remain relevant if the listings are current.  For that reason, your listing will expire in one year and you’ll be sent an email about two weeks before it expires reminding you to renew your listing.  However, by logging in you can update your listing at anytime.  (Sorry about that, requiring a login was the only way to give you that type of control over your listing.)  Please be sure to add MindBodyandSole@comcast.net to your address book to prevent your SPAM filter from blocking any email you may be sent about your registration and Directory listing.

Your listing is uniquely personal.  You’ll be able to include a profile picture, a bio, and list any additional licensing or certifications.  It’s a great way to promote your practice.

What I Do

For those Practitioners concerned about quality and professionalism, don’t worry, every listing is verified before it is published to ensure that the Practitioner has completed their Professional Certification course.  The only training programs listed on the Directory are those who offer Training Programs that meet Professional Education Standards in the Charles Ersdal method of Foot Zone Therapy.  (If you’re aware of a training program that I’m missing that provides professional level training, please let me know.)


When you register for the Find a Foot Zoner Near You Directory membership your contact information is added to an email list.  From time-to-time you may receive information from Mind Body and Sole regarding classes, Foot Zone Therapy related information, or other news that may be of interest to Foot Zone Practitioners.  If you don’t want to receive email messages you can unsubscribe from the email list and continue to maintain your listing on the Directory (there will be an ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of each email you receive). Subscription to the email list is not a requirement to be included in the Directory but is a way to be notified of information that a Practitioner may find useful.