Katherine Atkinson

Katherine Atkinson

Practitioner & Instructor


1035 North 500 East; Centerville, Utah

Available by Appointment

Monday:  2:00 – 8:00

Tuesday:  2:00 – 8:00

Thursday:  2:00 – 8:00

Friday:  2:00 – 8:00

Final appointment of the day is at 6:00.

Feel the Freedom that comes from

The Emotion Code®


The Emotion Code® is a way to identify and release hidden and trapped emotions and heart-walls that may be causing pain or preventing you from moving forward in your life or career.

30-minute Phone Session – $30

5 Session Package – $120 (save $30)

Discover the Peace that comes from

Jin Shin Jyutsu®


Jin Shin Jyutsu® is a Japanese modality that utilizes Safety Energy Locks located along energy pathways in the body.  By placing fingers on the safety energy locks in a particular order, blockages and disturbances along the pathway are cleared allowing energy to flow freely.

Single Session Price – $40

5 Session Package – $160 (save $40)

Session length approximately 50 minutes

Experience the Balance that comes from

Foot Zone Therapy


Foot Zone Therapy uses the body’s natural signal system to help restore balance and homeostasis.  By stimulating signals in the feet, the body’s own innate healing intelligence is activated to establish balance, elevate energy, and renew cells.

Single Session Price – $75 (initial)

$60 (follow-up)

5 Session Package – $250 (save $50)

(Packages available for follow-up sessions only)

Session length approximately 105 minutes for initial session, 90 minutes for follow-up sessions.