Ask Me About Foot Zoning - 5bSome of you may have read my story on how I found the Foot Zone Technique. But you may not know why I became a Foot Zone Instructor or why I chose to be an Instructor for We Do Feet Seminars.

If you’ve read about the History of Foot Zoning then you know that the reason we have foot zoning is because Charles Ersdal asked the right question and then he searched for the answer and he listened to inspiration. Once Ersdal was given his instructions, he went to work developing treatments for the map and the instructions he’d been given. He continued to develop treatments up until the day he died.

Some schools believe that the progression of the foot zone technique ended when Charles Ersdal died. However, the founders and instructors of We Do Feet continue to ask questions, search for answers, and listen to inspiration. Because we follow the same pattern that Ersdal exemplified, the zone treatment continues to be perfected. Refined treatments for the lung, the shoulder, the eye, and the pulmonary circuit signals continue to be developed, just to name a few. Energy balancing treatments are implemented to help support the body on all levels.

In order for this to happen, the instructors who work with We Do Feet need to have a foundation of belief. Belief in Divinity. Belief that questions can be answered. Belief that inspiration can be given. Belief that when your intent is to help and to serve that you will be guided.

In order to have instructors of this caliber, you need to have owners who live a life edifying these values. Owners who act when they are impressed to act. Owners who recognize when they are being guided. Owners who search for answers from the correct Source. Owners who live a life of faith and service to each other, their family, their instructors, their students, and their neighbors.

Although there may be many other reasons I decided to become an instructor for We Do Feet, these are the three most significant reasons to me. I’d like to take a minute to tell you why I became an instructor and to introduce you to the wonderful people I have the pleasure of working with.

Katherine Atkinson

Katherine Atkinson

Centerville, Utah

Why I became an instructor. Sometimes in life, you know when something is right without even asking. After finding the Foot Zone Technique, I remember being in class one day when I over-heard Brad talking with one of the other students about a new instructor. Up to that point, the idea hadn’t even entered my mind, but as soon as I heard Brad say, “new instructor” I heard in my heart, “that’s going to be you some day.” I walked over to Brad and asked some questions, he explained the procedure for becoming an instructor and I said, “Ok, I’m interested.” I’m not sure what he thought of my response, but he smiled. Of course I needed to finish my training and there’s the requirement of actively zoning for at least two years before beginning the Instructor Training Program, but I knew it was what I was supposed to do. When Brad later called me and asked if I was interested in being an instructor, I didn’t hesitate and began my Instructor Training.

It’s been an incredible experience and an incredible journey as I’ve introduced others to the Foot Zone Technique and watched them grow and serve and help their family. It has been such a blessing in my life.

My favorite class experience. Each and every one of the 9 Classes is one of my favorites! I love introducing my students to fermented foods (the look on their faces when they taste kefir for the first time is priceless!) and taking them on an herb walk (watching the fascination in their eyes as the study and draw a plant is inspiring!) and watching them do the chakra dancing (these ladies got some moves!)! But the real satisfaction comes from watching the transformation that occurs in each of my students as they add these tools (and many others) to their tool belt. Narrowing all the fun and amazing experiences down to one favorite would be hard, but there is one that stands out because it exemplifies what happens to each of the students who take this course.

There was one particular student who stood out in Class 1, in fact, I wasn’t sure she would last through graduation. Not because she didn’t have the ability to learn the technique, but because she didn’t have confidence in herself and she didn’t have the support of her family. She was a sweet, sweet woman, but very insecure. She never spoke unless you asked her a question and then it was in a whisper. She was always looking for reassurance that she was doing it (the zone) right. How she ever worked up the courage to register for classes, I’ll never know!

But during the nine months that we met together as a class, I watched as she began to get her voice. She began to gain confidence in herself. And in Class 9 I watched with tears in my eyes as she stood on a chair, raised her arm in triumph and shouted, “I am a Courageous, Powerful, Compassionate Woman!”

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? When I consider all the blessings I have witnessed with those that I have had the opportunity to foot zone, I get overwhelmed with gratitude. I know that this is a tool that everyone could benefit from. Teaching the foot zone allows me to share this tool so the benefits can be enjoyed by others.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. I love to watch the transformation that students go through in the nine months of class. Its exciting to see feelings of self-doubt transform into confidence and enthusiasm as they recognize their talents and gifts. I look forward to learning and growing with my students as they join our class.

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? The first day I got a foot zone I knew that I wanted to learn. The way I felt afterward was amazing! My energy increased and I began to see the possibilities in my life and to have enthusiasm again. I had been using natural medicine for years and knew that this would be a compliment and add to what I was already doing. It has changed my life in ways that I could not even comprehend at the time. So glad that I chose to take the classes and improve my health and my future family’s lives.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. I had a woman in class who told me over and over that she couldn’t feel the emotions when she was zoning. I worked with her to help clear the blockages preventing her from feeling emotions. The next day the class was doing practice zones on each other. I looked over and she was crying. I went to her and knelt by her side and asked what was going on. She exclaimed that she had come to a signal that was blocked and knew exactly what the emotion was that was causing the blockage. All of us cried as she shared this. What a wonderful experience to see her come into who she is and realize the gifts inside of her.

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? I became a Foot Zone Instructor because I have such a great passion for sharing the things I know and have learned over the years. I love the foot zone! It has been such a great blessing to me and my family, and I love teaching others how they too can have that same tool to help the ones they love.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. My favorite foot zone class experience, is when we were learning about ionic foot baths and while I wasn’t looking, Brad slipped some wild rice in my water and then tried to convince me I had parasites. I almost believed him too! It was funny, and I was quite relieved to learn it was only rice! I enjoy having fun in our classes and also having great uplifting moments too!

Marne' Fox

Marne' Fox

Brigham City, Utah

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? I became a foot zoner through small and tender mercies of friends, family, and being in the right place at the right time. Little did I realize that this journey would help identify who I was and define my purposes so completely. It was shortly after learning that my heart yearned for others to grasp and be given this same opportunity. A teacher at heart, I followed the yearnings from within and now I teach.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. I have loved every class I taught. Each is unique and brought together in such a magical and complete way I could never say I have a favorite. Each class has brought depth, growth, and understanding to all participants just the way it was to be. The magic, the love, and complete orchestration of those who choose to come learn, it is the reason I teach.

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor?  I became a foot zone instructor because the zone changed my life. Seven years ago, I was suffering from postpartum depression and back pain from a car accident when I was nine months pregnant with my fourth son. My Aunt was Learning this weird foot thing called zoning. She offered to give me a zone and I left her house feeling like a normal person. My back pain felt better, my mind felt clear. I felt like I could do anything. At that very moment, I knew i needed to learn how to zone. I am so thankful that I now have the opportunity to teach this life changing tool to others. I have seen it bless so many lives. Just think for every zoner out there, more and more people will be able to benefit this wonderful tool.

Tell me about your favorite class experience.  My favorite class experience is hard to pin down to just one. But my favorite thing about teaching is seeing the wonderful changes each student makes. The growth they have as an individual person is priceless. We have fun, laugh, cry and become better individuals.

Gaylene Merritt

Gaylene Merritt

Mendon, Utah

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? Why I became an instructor is simply because – I love to see the transformation of when people see the gifts they have been given becoming perfected by the foot zone. Seeing my students get the true meaning of the foot zone is so exciting to me. I think of when they first start and how the are so nervous to rub the feet. Then as the classes go on, they become more sure of their talent and make miracles happen around them for so many people.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. I would love to say when I take the students around to feel different energy. It’s so neat because of the different energy that is all around us and how it feels different for each of us.

There is also when we have dissected the pig heart and lungs. Its so neat to see how it all functions with hands-on experience. There is also when we do the spa treatment with raindrop therapy. This was a hard question!

Cheree Murdock

Cheree Murdock

Willard, Utah

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? I became an instructor because I love to share what I know and have learned with others! It is so exciting to watch each of my students take their individual journey over the 9-month course, the growth and learning that takes place is simply amazing! I love this quote by Galileo Galilei, “You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.” This is truly what happens to each of us as we embark on this “new” learning!

Another one of my reasons for becoming an instructor is said perfectly in this quote, “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” I never want to stop learning! I have found through teaching that I am learning along side my students and I love it!

Tell me about your favorite class experience. A few of my favorite class experiences are: Vision boards/Bob Proctor, listening to each student share their awesome experiences with zoning, watching the class become amazing friends, lunches, guest speakers, and of course Brad wearing his super cape!

Kwinnae Plummer

Kwinnae Plummer

Montpelier, Idaho

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? At one of the most crucial points of my life, foot zoning helped me emotionally heal and grow from an unhealthy marriage, get through a divorce, create a life I love living with my new husband, and physically be able to have more children! I became empowered to be proud of who I am. Spiritually foot zoning helped me to see the whole picture, to find my own spiritual gifts and the power to be a tool to help others heal. I am so grateful for this incredible modality and how it has impacted so many people’s lives. I honestly can’t picture life without foot zoning and energy work. It’s just second nature now. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share this by being an instructor for We Do Feet Seminars.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. I would have to say that my favorite foot zone class experience is watching students come in on Class 1, nervous, unsure of why they’re even here, and seeing the complete transformation they go through in the next nine months. It is life changing…for you, your family, and every person blessed by this amazing gift. Words can’t describe the value you get from healing and finding the gift you were born to give.

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? Foot Zone Therapy has changed my life for the better on so many levels. It has empowered me to take charge of my own and my family’s well-being. I have experienced greater physical health, spiritual enlightenment, mental clarity, and emotional stability all because of foot zoning! I want to be an influence for that kind of change in my students. I LOVE what I do and I’m passionate about sharing what has opened so many doors for me.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. My favorite thing about zoning classes are the inspiring people I have had the opportunity to meet. Each student brings an amazing energy that makes each class unique. I love seeing the transformation that takes place as students grow into incredible Foot Zoners and Energy Workers.

Jenni Runolfson

Jenni Runolfson

Salt Lake City, Utah

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? I love the foot zone! Over the last 6 years I have been amazed at what the zone can do. Healing the body from illness, stress, disease, pain, grief, and so much more. I am luck to be able to say that I love my job! It makes me happy to see lives changed by being zoned and from learning the foot zone. It is a great opportunity to teach this awesome tool to others, and watch their lives change for the better.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. I’ve had so many good times in class! I love to have fun and bring that to my classes, along with learning and loving the zone. It is still fascinating to me to watch it work! I learn more with every class, and from every student. We have a great foot zone community and the We Do Feet Instructors are the best!

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to teach – it’s one of my passions – I just didn’t know what I would be teaching. Shortly after beginning the foot zone clases, I knew I had found another passion…and more importantly, I knew that teaching the Foot Zone was my calling.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. I don’t know if I can pick out a specific favorite class experience, but one of my favorite things about the classes are the deep connections that are built among the students and instructors. My life has been greatly enriched by these relationships.

Why did you become a Foot Zone Instructor? I have found my mission in life, which just happens to be my passion – teaching zone balance therapy. For me, it is all about making a difference in the lives of the wonderful people that God has placed in my path by showing love, grace, and gratitude. Whether my hands are lovingly working the signals on a client’s foot or teaching a group of aspiring healers, the heart of my work is to motivate, encourage, and inspire. My greatest desire for students and clients is for them to know and understand that healing is possible, change is inevitable, and thoughts are packed with POWER.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. My favorite class experience comprised all 9 months of We Do Feet Seminars while teaching my third class and watching the amazing transformation of a student. The beginning of a journey is always self-discovery. She sat in the back of the room, not quite sure of herself, a beautiful woman with ivory skin and dark, defiant, eyes. She was brilliant and always meticulously prepared, yet afraid to let me and her classmates know her real self. Although she wasn’t aware, each and every class I felt she was challenging me; which made me look deep inside myself. Because of her I am a better teacher. Class 8, during our lunch break, she asked for my help; she was dealing with some pain in her body. I quickly gave her a clue to read and excused myself for a minute. When I returned this incredible woman had experienced a breakthrough, which helped her begin to break free from the shackles of her past like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Her transformation was an experience I will always remember.

And now, I’d like to introduce you to the owners of We Do Feet Seminars.

Why did you decide to start We Do Feet Seminars? When we began zoning we quickly realized that no matter how many people we zoned, it would never be enough. There was always someone in need of the balance, health, and happiness that the Zone could provide. We could not get to enough people! We felt that if we could teach people to help themselves and those that they cared about, we could help more people than if we tried to zone everyone ourselves!

Our school was developed in 2002 with the intent to help others learn to help themselves. We believe that every family needs a way to access the human body in times of need, sickness, and duress. We believe that Foot Zoning is a complete modality that will do just that.

Over the years, we have been blessed in many ways with the Foot Zone and, as we have shared it with others, we have seen Foot Zoning help thousands of people find the balance, health, and happiness that they were searching for.

Tell me about your favorite class experience. My favorite class experience is the opportunity to see hundreds of students step out in faith and follow their hearts, then to watch them grow and see their faith turn into truth and knowledge. As men and women go through our course, I watch them become empowered and find self worth and confidence. I get to see our students grow in their belief in the Foot Zone, but most importantly, I get to watch them grow in their belief of their own abilities. This is truly the most gratifying experience anyone could ask for.