Understand the Human Body and How it Functions

The better you understand Anatomy & Physiology, the better Foot Zone Practitioner you’ll be.

Anatomy is the study of the structure and relationships between body parts.

Physiology is the science of how those body parts come together to function and to keep that body alive.

During our Foot Zone Certification class you’ll gain an understanding and appreciation for the human body and how it functions.  We’ll devote approximately 5 hours in each class to learning about a specific body system and how we treat that system during a Foot Zone Session.

But we’ll go beyond an inventory of body parts to discussing how our body keeps us alive and how disease affects the body.  From videos, text books, mobile aps, lectures, and even coloring pages you’ll gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the human body and what makes you – YOU!

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“Our goal as instructors is to help each student become the very best Foot Zone Practitioner they can be.”  Brad Noall, Owner, We Do Feet Seminars