Enhance Your Foot Zone Session

The feet contain signals for every body system, organ, and part.  As we work on the feet, Practitioners will frequently feel emotional and energetic blockages in different signals.

After identifying the blockage, the Practitioner can easily begin the process for release using simple energy balancing techniques.

Foot Zone Practitioners may also incorporate additional modalities into their Foot Zone Session to aid and assist in relaxation and energy balancing.  During our classes you’ll learn the most common modalities that Practitioners include in their sessions:

  • Applied Kenisiology and Muscle Testing
  • Frequency and Music Therapy
  • Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
  • Emotional Release
  • Energy Balancing & Correction
  • Chakra Balancing

Each of us are given gifts and talents that we’re to embrace and expand.  It’s only natural that we express those gifts with our clients.

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“Our goal as instructors is to help each student become the very best Foot Zone Practitioner they can be.”  Brad Noall, Owner, We Do Feet Seminars