Going to school is an important decision and it’s normal to have a few questions.
Check out the one’s we hear most frequently below!

Is your program accredited?

We Do Feet Seminars is a postsecondary proprietary school, licensed and recognized by the State of Utah and Utah Department of Higher Education, providing seminars that train students in the Foot Zone Technique.  Our program is not accredited by the Utah Department of Education.

Does your program prepare you to sit for board exams?

The We Do Feet Seminars Foot Zone Certification Program is designed to prepare our graduates to sit for the ARCB National Board Exam.

Is this certification recognized by any state?

Each state has its own law governing Foot Zone Therapy (typically under the reflexology laws).  The majority of states allow Foot Zone Practitioners to establish their own practice, but some states require additional licensure.  The Office of Occupational and Professional Licensing in your state should have complete information on their individual requirements.  In the State of Utah, our program is recognized by the state for exemption from massage licensing requirements.

What kind of degree or certification will I receive when I complete your program?

Upon successful completion of the Foot Zone Certification Program, a certification of completion is awarded by We Do Feet Seminars granting permission to use the designation of Certified We Do Feet Zone Practitioner (WDFZP).

Will I be able to bill insurance for my services?

Complementary and Alternative Modalities (CAMs) may be recognized as a billable service with some Insurance companies.  Foot Zone Therapy programs offer certification not licensure.  Clients should check with their insurance company to determine the benefits offered.

How much can a Foot Zone Practitioner earn?

Salaries for Foot Zone Practitioners typically range from $40 to $125 per hour, depending on location, experience, and other certifications or licenses.

Is there financing available?

We Do Feet Seminars offers a payment plan for students who are not able to pay tuition in full.  Students should speak with their Instructor for details.

Are there any scholarships available?

We Do Feet Seminars will notify prospective students via email when scholarships become available.

Would it be practical to take this course while working full time?

Many of our graduates completed the Foot Zone Certification course while working full-time jobs.  However, students should budget at least 10 – 15 hours per week for studying, assignments, and practical application requirements.

Can I take the program even though I don't know if I want to start a business?

Yes, students take our Foot Zone Certification course for a number of reasons, with graduates going on to apply their credentials in a number of ways.  Some do indeed start their own business or private practice, while others join existing practices, augment existing licenses, write books, start successful blogs, etc.  Some graduates don’t apply their credential professionally, but instead use the skills they learn in our course to help improve the health of their family and community.

Will you train me how to open my own business?

We discuss business basics in Seminar 7 and offer a variety of continuing education opportunities related to business, marketing, etc.  Some graduates go on to complete additional training on running an efficient small business or private practice.

Does the Foot Zone Certification class count as continuing education credits?

In some cases, continuing education credits can be applied to other certificates or licenses.  Inquiries must be made to the institution that awarded the original license or certificate.

Do you offer online courses?

Because Foot Zone Therapy is a hands-on modality, we find that the most effective way to instruct in the Foot Zone Technique is hands-on.  We currently have Instructors teaching in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, California, Wyoming, and Colorado.  Under certain conditions, we can bring our training program to you.  Speak with one of our Instructors for more information.

What does the Materials Fee Cover?

The majority of the Materials Fee covers the cost of classroom materials, class handouts, and workbook material.  $25 of the Materials fee covers our cost for two required reading books – You Were Born Rich, by Bob Proctor and Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils by LaRee Westover.  If students already own these books, they may speak with their instructor about deducting a portion of the Materials fee.  The Materials Fee does not include other required texts, essential oils, zoning supplies or equipment, travel to the seminars or accommodations on seminar weekends.

Are your Course Material and Maps in book form or in a binder?

Both!  We’ve been teaching the Foot Zone Technique long enough to recognize the value of students drawing their own maps – it helps students identify landmarks, learn signal location, improves their knowledge of the Foot Zone Technique, and develops muscle memory.  However, we also recognize the value of consistency in mapping.  So, We Do Feet has a unique 5-fold approach to teaching our Students the Foot Zone Technique.

First, we spend time in each class drawing Area Maps with our student.

Second, as part of the required homework assignments, students re-draw Area Maps and turn them in to their Instructor who makes corrections and returns them to the student with feedback.

Third, we provide beautiful, full-color, professionally drawn maps of the Zone to our students to ensure consistency in signal placement.

Fourth, during class, Instructors demonstrate the Zone technique, landmark and signal identification and location, hand placement, and proper form to the Class.

Fifth, a portion of our class time is devoted to Practical Application of the Zone Technique with observation and feedback from the Instructor.  Our small class sizes ensure that Instructors have time to observe each student’s technique, signal location, hand placement, and form.

Our unique, 5-fold approach is designed to provide you with the best, most comprehensive, learning experience possible.