Saturday, August 17th, I’ll be speaking at the Energy Healing Conference in Layton Utah.  The topic of my presentation is Recovery from Depression and I’ll be sharing my experiences with depression, anxiety, and suicide. I’ll also share 13 tools that can be used to regain HOPE!

You may not know this, but years ago, I struggled with severe depression…I even contemplated suicide. My family members have struggled with depression, anxiety, and suicide as well, and I’ve worked with many clients who deal with the same feelings.

In my presentation, I’ll share some of these experiences and the tools that we used, and still use, that allow us to find JOY in our life!

If you, or those you love, struggle with depression, anxiety, or thoughts of suicide, I’d like to invite you to join me at the Energy Healing Conference on Saturday, August 17th at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah.

I have a few tickets available that I’ve reserved specifically for followers of Mind Body and Sole.  Please contact me if you’d like one, I’d love to gift it to you!

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