Foot Zone Certification Early Bird Discount

As an instructor for We Do Feet, I am proud to teach a curriculum that is incredibly thorough and complete.  We Do Feet has established a course curriculum that is like no other.  While other programs require advanced courses and additional training to complete your education, our belief is that if you are going to go through the time and expense to learn this modality your training should:

  1. Be very complete and detailed,
  2. Give you all the education you need to practice this modality, and
  3. Give you a clear understanding of what you are feeling as you work the feet.

Our course does just that!  When you finish your classes, you will feel confident and competent in the Foot Zone Technique.

Our Course

There are a total of nine Foot Zone seminars.  Although they are taught as individual classes and stand on their own merit, they are consecutive and advancing in information.  Our seminars consist of a total of 180 hours of training taught over the 9 classes.  They are taught on a Friday and Saturday to accommodate work schedules and childcare (except seminar #1 which takes place on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).  Classes are held once a month for 9 months with a final graduation during class 9.


In our curriculum we not only teach the Foot Zone technique, but many other aspects of the Zone that will facilitate your ability to be the Foot Zone Therapist that you wish to be.  Topics include:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Essential Oil Training
  • Muscle Testing and how to use it in your life
  • Energy work and shifting blocked Energy in the body
  • Emotions and how they are stored in the body
  • Problems you will find in during the zone and how to bring it back into balance
  • How to create and bring balance into your life and family
  • Business ethics and the laws and principles of success
  • Many other modalities and therapies that can aid and support the Foot Zone technique.

However, in addition to this amazing curriculum, our small class sizes allow us to provide one-on-one attention.  And, after each course is taught, we provide an observation time where we watch you practice and make corrections and suggestions.

Course Cost

Cost per seminar – $400

Books and materials – $150

Complete Foot Zone course – $3750

A discount of $300 is applied if your course fee is paid in full by class #2.  There are also referral discounts if you bring a friend or spouse.  Please contact me directly for those discounts.

Registration and Payment Options

To register for the Spring session, please give me a call at (801) 292-7574.

  • Payment Option #1 – Pay for the Course in Full and receive a $300 discount

Reserve your space in the Spring 2014 class by paying a $200 Deposit.  Pay the balance of $3100 plus $150 for Books and Materials before Class #2 in order to receive your $300 discount.

  • Payment Option #2 – Pay Per Seminar

Reserve your space in the Spring 2014 class by paying a $200 Deposit.  Pay the balance of $200 plus $150 for Books and Materials before Class #1.  For Classes 2 – 9, pay your class fee at the start of each class.

Early Bird Discount

Register for the Foot Zone Certification classes before Friday, December 27 using Payment Option #1 or #2 and receive an Early Bird Discount of $150.

For Additional Information

Please feel free to contact me directly, either by phone or by email.

Katherine Atkinson

(801) 292-7574


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