At We Do Feet Seminars, they have established a course curriculum that is like no other I have seen. Their belief is that if you are going to go through the time and expense to get this training it is imperative that it is very complete and detailed giving you all the education you need to practice this modality combined with a clear understanding of what you are feeling. When you complete their seminars, you will be confident and competent in the Foot Zone technique.

In their curriculum they not only teach Foot Zone technique, but many other aspects that will facilitate your ability to be the Foot Zoner that you wish to be. Some topics discussed are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Essential oil training.
  • Muscle Testing and how to use it in your life.
  • Energy Work and shifting blocked Energy in the body.
  • Emotions and how they store in the body.
  • Problems that you will find in the Foot Zone and how to bring it back into balance.
  • How to create and bring balance into your life and family.
  • Business ethics and the laws and principles of success.

In addition, they cover many other modalities and therapies that can aid and support the Foot Zone technique.

Course Cost

Cost per seminar $400.00
Books and materials $250.00
Complete Foot Zone Training $3850.00

We look forward to hearing from you!
Brad Noall We Do Feet Seminars
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Cell: 435-764-9532

Tell them I referred you and get $25 off the cost of books and materials.  🙂

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