FREE Class – 6 Strategies for Natural Stress Relief

Stress!  We all have it – driving, working, shopping, kids, cooking, family, neighbors, bills, the list goes on and on.  Stress is a fact of life, especially in our fast-paced, hurried lives – or is it?  How would you like to learn how to relieve stress naturally?!   Join us in this 1 hour class as we learn how stress affects the body and then learn 6 natural methods of stress relief that you can do yourself.  Each class participant will receive a gift bag of things they can use at home to help relieve stress.

This is a FREE one hour class, but registration is required.

Please call 801-295-3405 to register for this class.

Date:  Saturday, January 12

Time:  Noon

Location:  Gregory’s Wheat Shop; 930 South 500 West; Bountiful, UT