FREE Class – Becoming Spiritually Centered

I want to tell you about a fun opportunity to get together with friends (old and new) and learn to become more like the Savior at the same time!

The Becoming Spiritually Centered course is taught by James B. Cox, and is designed to help you become spiritually centered so you can use the problems and experiences of this life for spiritual growth and learn to enjoy each day.  Its purpose is to:  help you become one with Christ and learn how to make each day worthwhile regardless of what is happening in the Telestial world AND learn and practice the steps necessary to change your thought patterns to match the Saviors.  As your thoughts, feelings, and acts become closer to matching the Saviors, your enjoyment of each day will increase.  Every day will become worthwhile for spiritual growth, and your hope to be raised unto Eternal Life will increase.

This eight week course will be held on Thursday evenings from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM beginning Thursday, June 30 at my home.

Class 1 – Process for Spiritual Change (June 30)

Class 2 – Developing High Feelings of Self-Worth (July 7)

Class 3 – Using Personal Performance for Spiritual Growth (July 14)

Class 4 – Seeing All Things Spiritually (July 21)

Class 5 – A Planner for Spiritual Growth (July 28)

Class 6 – Agency (August 4)

Class 7 – Turn Back to God and Live (August 11)

Class 8 – How to Love God with All Our Hearts (August 25)

A spiral bound workbook is available for $10.  It would be beneficial to have the workbook before the class starts.  Here is the web address so you can learn more about the course, order the workbook (if you want), and learn more about Brother Cox:  www.nmiut.com

This DVD course with lots of group discussion is perfect for married couples and single individuals who want to become more like the Savior, improve relationships, or turn problems with children, finances, health, or low feelings of self-worth into spiritual growth experiences.

The course is FREE but you still need to register.   Please contact me to register or if you have questions.  You’ll want to bring your scriptures, drinks will be provided, and we’ll rotate who brings the snack.  Each class is loaded with valuable information, so if you aren’t able to make all eight of the classes, come to the ones you can.  🙂

I hope you can make it!

~ Kathy

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  • Derek Barney says:

    I have went to Brother Cox’s seminars years ago. I didn’t know whether he still does or not. Is he still holding the meetings? If so where? Does He still live in Idaho? Is there any way I can reach him at all?

    I would appreciate your help?

  • Lorie says:

    I know this was posted long ago. If you have any information on another class or how to find one I would appreciate it
    Thank you!

  • Terese says:

    It is 8/17/18–a few years after those posts. Are you still hosting or do you know of anyone hosting these Becoming Spiritually Centered classes? If so, when and where? Looking forward to finding out!


    • Katherine Atkinson says:

      Hi Terese, 🙂

      I don’t know anyone hosting this class at this time. I may host it again in the future though. I’ll post on my website when I do. You can purchase a recording on his website of Brother Cox teaching the classes, just do a google search to find his site. Thanks for asking, it’s a great class! 🙂


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