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Neal Bosshardt from Redmond Trading will be joining me Tuesday, April 16 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM for a FREE class on using Redmond Clay and Redmond RealSalt.    Although the class is free, registration is required.  Space is limited, so class size is limited to the first 25 who call 801-292-7574 to register.  The class will be held at 1035 North 500 East in Centerville, Utah.

Redmond Clay

Did you know that Mother Nature provided a natural substance that is a powerful, yet gentle detox, and that this awesome stuff also provides trace minerals, solves all kinds of stomach and digestive issues, pulls toxins, parasites, poinsons, radiation, and heavy metals out of the body…and makes an amazing first aid treatment for burns, bites, and wounds?

Join Neal Bosshardt, whose family has been using Redmond clay medicinally for over 30 years, as he teaches how to use Redmond clay for day-to-day health and the importance of having this product in your home storage and emergency preparedness kit.

4 Specific Learning Objectives:

  1. The history of clay therapy in ancient times and its use in modern times.
  2. The science behind why clay works, for both external and internal applications.
  3. How to use healing clays for yourself, your family, your clients, and friends.
  4. How to find natural clays that are right for you.  What questions to ask.  What to watch out for when purchasing healing clays.


Redmond RealSalt

Did you kow there is a safe, completely natural and organic way to provide the trace minerals your body  needs?  A way to lower your blood pressure naturally without drugs?  A delicious salt that makes your food taste wonderful without any of the  negative health risks commonly associated with salt?

Join neal Bosshardt and learn about salts from around the world, discover the misconceptions around “sea salt”, and see how “a low salt diet” could be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

4 Specific Learning Objectives:

  1. Problems associated with a low salt diet.
  2. Different methods of salt production and why most “sea salts” are just as bad as (or worse than) “table salt.”
  3. How salt balances the body and why you get an IV of salt (saline) in the hospital.
  4. How to find a natural salt that’s right for you. What questions to ask.  What to watch for when purchasing salt.

To register for this class or for more information, please call me at 801-292-7574.

Class participants will receive a 20% discount on any product ordered at the class (5% discount on books).    If you are not able to attend, but would like to order product, you can still receive the discount, just complete this order form and return it to  me with your payment (checks should be made out to Kathy Atkinson).  Please be sure to add the appropriate sales tax (clay & salt = 3%; bath salt, tooth paste, and books = 6.6%).  If you are not able to attend the class, I MUST have your order form and payment by Friday, April 12.  Your product can NOT be mailed to you, you will need to be able to pick it up from my house.