I am so thrilled to announce that Courtney Beardall will be coming to Centerville to teach her Radionic Energy Course!

Radionic Energy is a comprehensive system for locating and rebalancing emotional and physical disorders.  Radionic Energy will give you the ability to find and correct the imbalances that create disease in just minutes, regardless of your education or experience in the healing arts.

Did you know that every experience, emotion and imbalance, from the food you ate for diner to the stomach bug you picked up, is recorded in your body?  You will learn to “tune in” to the true answers and gain access to that information and learn the best way to correct it.

With a few basic and simple skills, this system will guide you through the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of disease so you can accomplish real and lasting healing.

Do you long to find real answers to the health problems that you and your loved ones struggle with?  Do you want to gain a deeper understanding about the vital systems of your body and the imbalances that cause those systems to weaken and get sick?  Then you are ready to be empowered with a new way of thinking about your health issues.

Join me for this empowering stepping stone on your healing journey with Investigating Health with Radionic Energy.  A basic knowledge of muscle testing is required.  Experience with a pendulum is recommended but not required.  The class fee includes the two-day workshop, all broadcasting supplies, charts and your manual.

Class Location:  1035 North 500 East; Centerville, UT

Class Dates:  August 2 & 3

Class Times:  9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Class Fee:  $300 (returning students may attend for $50)

To register for this class, please contact me at 801-292-7574 or kacorner@comcast.net.  Class size is limited, please do not delay in registering.  Students from all over the country will be attending!

Instructor Bio:

My name is Courtney Beardall and I am an energy healer.  I started my healing journey playing nurse to my mother and anyone else with bumps and bruises.  That lead me to a career in  nursing where I learned to love the nuts and bolts of the human body in the operating room.  Because I loved my family and wanted to stay home and raise babies, my path shifted.  A few major health scares for me and my children let me to my current path as an energy healer.

I started with learning about trapped emotions and energy psychology, but the physical body was my first love, so I knew I needed to be able to heal the physical body not just the emotions.  Most of what I read and learned through other modalities, taught that the emotions were the start of all physical illness and that disease could be healed by simply healing the emotions, but I didn’t buy that.  I know that dis-ease is three fold.  Emotional, physical, and spiritual.  To leave one or two of those aspects out, and only focus on one, is not enough.

My search for answers led me to a wonderful healer, Anna Sermon, who talked to me on the phone and explained a little about what she did.  I was hooked!  I started using the ideas she shared that very  night.  I remembered how to do this.  There is not one iota of doubt in my mind that this was my work before I came here.  What I am doing now, is an extension of my mission from the pre-mortal existence.  I feel so blessed that I have been able to work, learn, and organize this work into a system that can help healers become better healers.


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  • Dannyel Crane says:

    Will this training be an introduction to Radionics or will you be certified after completion of the class?

    • Hi Dannyel, 🙂 My understanding is that in order to be certified you need to take the class, document 20 hours of practice sessions with clients, and then schedule a one-on-one session with Courtney either in person or on the phone. Courtney should have more information on certification at the class. I hope you can make it! 🙂

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