The Energy Connection Class

Being held August 19th & 20th from 9:30 – 4:00 (or 5:00) in Wellsville, Utah, Sue Noall teaches the Energy Connection Class to help you find balance in body, mind, and soul.

When Energy is blocked in our bodies there is conflict and commotion. These blockages occur within us because of many different reasons. Things that we have experienced, thoughts we have held and negative things that we have believed and even injuries. That conflict and commotion can be manifested through anger, fear, frustration, depression, anxiety, pain etc.

As we do energy work on ourselves and others we are able to find the blockages and bring everything into balance, then the commotion stops!  We are then able to see things more clearly, to Act instead of react, to repair instead of demolish and to begin the path of healing.

We can do this very quickly and make the changes but then there is work to do to remain in balance.  The work comes from you, from within you.  Because you and you alone must control the chaos! You can not allow negative, self defeating thoughts, beliefs and actions to take over and control your life.

The good news is that as we stop the commotion and release the blocked energy, there will be change, you can feel and see the change!

The commotion will simply stop as balance and Peace occur.

Learn to Change perspective and see the possibilities in your life outside of what I call “tunnel vision” through the “Energy Connection.”

You can learn step by step how to achieve this, to stop the commotion and to find and keep balance in your life, mind and soul: to get connected and to really start to:

Enjoy the Journey and live!

Class fee is $200, please call 435-764-2717 to register.