There seems to be a misperception in the essential oil world that higher cost means higher quality.  That’s not the case with Butterfly Express.  As I mentioned before, Butterfly Express oils are 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.  They are a very high quality essential oil that has been tested, certified, and approved.  So why are they so affordable?  Well, there are a number of factors that contribute to their affordability.

When a company sets a price point for their product they need to consider things like overhead, pay-roll, profit margin, etc.  There are other things that go into determining the retail price, but those are three that I’m going to talk about today.

First, overhead.  Butterfly Express has a modest, but sufficient, office, warehouse, and factory in Preston, Idaho.  They don’t have expensive multi-level office space or international offices that need to be paid for.  That eliminates expenses that drive up the cost of the essential oils.

Second, payroll.  Butterfly Express is not a multi-level manufacturer.  As with all things, the closer you get to the source, the less expensive the product.  Businesses all over are promoting, “cut out the middle man.”  A perfect example is a food co-op.  When you purchase from a food co-op you spend less than if you purchase from the grocery store.  Butterfly Express isn’t a co-op, but they don’t have a lot of “middle men” either.  They have employees and distributors.  That’s it.  You either purchase whole sale – directly from the owners, or you purchase retail.  There aren’t six other people between you and the owner who each need to make a profit.

Third, profit, or as I like to call it – intent.  The intent of Butterfly Express is really what makes this company as wonderful as it is.  The intent of the owners is not to become multi-millionaires.  They don’t own a jet, they don’t take expensive vacations, they have a very humble home.  And that’s the way they like it.  They sell essential oils because they know they work, and they want others to benefit from them just as they have.  Essential oils have saved their lives – literally – and they want to share that with others.

Those three things – overhead, payroll, and intent keep Butterfly Express oils affordable.  The INTENT of the owners is what makes the company the success that it is.

A quality product at an affordable price and owners with integrity and good intent are the factors that really sold me on Butterfly Express and the reasons I chose to become a distributor.

Are there other quality essential oils on the market?  Yes, but if I can get a very high quality oil at an affordable price AND support a company with ethics and values that I agree with, then that’s the company that will get my business.

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  • Annette says:

    I heard someone say essential oils or specifically tea tree oil can get rid of candida yeast. I have an essential oil I bought for congestion that is the “Breath free” and was wondering what is in it and what makes it work. I haven’t used it much.


    • Hi Annette,

      Tea tree is a strong antiseptic that has been used for centuries. It was even used in WW II to treat tropoical infections. It is effective against some really nasty germs and has been effective agains candida although I would want to dilute it very well.

      Usually though, I use The Brew for yeast infections. You’ll find the recipe on the Health & Wellness page of my site. The Perfect Trifecta could also be effective in keeping a candida problem in check. 🙂

  • Shay says:

    I am wondering where you found the information regarding butterfly express being 100% theraputic grade essential oils. I have searched their website and their book, I can find areas they refereace theraputic properties or the need for 100% theraputic grade oils, but I have never found where they say their oils are theraputic grade. The only place I can find that info is on a few different blogs, not ran by the company.
    I am searching and researching where to get my oils from, I really want high quality 100% theraputic grade essential oils. Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Shay, 🙂

      The owner of Butterfly Express, LaRee Westover, is a friend of mine. She has taught several classes at my home. LaRee told me that they only purchase oils that are 100% therapeutic grade. Also, if you energy test you can find out for yourself. 🙂

  • kera says:

    I have read lots of info the difference in cost is she simply does not spend money on lots of lab testing and assuring her people that every batch is pure she buys in large quantities and sells it off, just by what the other company says, also I read on a page she did her oils are not all safe to eat, if I cant put it in my body I wouldn’t put it on my body to go in that way and maybe cause damage and because she has not research no lab and no test I cannot risk hurting anyone or myself. Use a company that has research I use doTerra I have tried others these are the safest and best only 2 drops does the job it worth a look

    • Hi Kera, 🙂

      Thank you for your comments about Butterfly Express Essential Oils.

      I appreciate your concern and would like to clarify some misconceptions that you have expressed.

      While it’s true that LaRee doesn’t spend a lot of money on lab testing, LaRee does her own in-house testing to verify the quality of the essential oils she purchases. She also purchases from growers that she trusts and has had long relationships with (many that she has worked with longer than doTerra has been in business).

      Also, while Butterfly Oils are safe to ingest, LaRee informs her customers that because of the molecular structure of essential oils, you are able to apply them topically and have them begin to work at a cellular level within minutes rather than waiting 45 minutes for the capsule to digest and then to have the fragile essential oils be exposed to the harsh environment of the GI tract.

      Also, every study that has been conducted that has determined that essential oils are unsafe has been one in which the essential oils were ingested. Combine that with: the realization that essential oil customers are at varying levels of knowledge regarding essential oils and how to use them; the knowledge that when too large of a quantity of essential oil is applied topically, before it would cause harm, it would cause illness or a topical reaction (unlike when harmful quantities are ingested); possible legal ramifications for providing advice to ingest her oils if someone were to use them irresponsibly; and the moral responsibility to teach to the customer with the least amount of knowledge on the topic; and I’m sure you can understand why her formal position would be that while an essential oil may be safe to ingest, it is not necessary to ingest the essential oil in order to reap the benefits.

      I also respect LaRee’s position not to speak negatively of other essential oil companies. She recognizes that doTerra has a good product as does Young Living, Be Young, and other companies.

      She feels that customers will be attracted to the essential oil company with the product and company philosophy that most closely matches and resonates with their own values. I tend to agree, that’s why I purchase Butterfly Express. 🙂

  • Susan says:

    I have been using LaRee’s oils for over 12 years. I have gone from disabled and on 22 meds to using no meds at all and only LaRee’s products and a few from Dr Christopher to manage my chronic pain and other issues. I can only speak for myself but I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • jan says:

    I have been extremely happy with butterfly oils and hope and pray they never go out of business they have worked for me and my family, numerous times .when I was asked why I chose them my response was the just feel right, and every time I use them it confirms my feelings and intuition.

  • Erin says:

    I love your thoughts about these oils, Katherine. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to learn directly from LaRee. It’s evident she loves the plants and the Creator who has made them for our use. Her intent is easy to feel and that’s one big reason I switched to Butterfly oils. Her books are so user-friendly, too!

  • Bailey says:

    DoTERRA oils are the only 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils on the market. They are certified through a 3rd party and not by DoTERRA them self and definitely not in a home! I get the small company thing but I wouldn’t trust therapeutic grade from a muscle test or someone claiming it because they test it in their home. I’m sorry but that’s just ridiculous!

    • Katherine Atkinson says:

      Hi Bailey, 🙂

      I’m go glad that you’ve found an oil company that you trust! I do want to point out though that the ONLY reason DoTerra oils are the ‘only’ “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils on the market” is because DoTerra has trademarked that phrase (see the ‘c’ with the circle around it?). It’s a marketing ploy. You might find my Lexus story interesting:

      There are many oil companies who test their oils through a 3rd party. If you’re not comfortable using Butterfly EOs then you might want to try Purify oils which are USDA certified Organic (this is a legitimate certification unlike the ‘certification’ DoTerra uses) and wildcrafted, or Rocky Mountain Oils, Native American Nutritionals, or GoDesana. These are also great oils companies who I purchase from and none of them have over-inflated their product prices to pay for an ‘up-line.’

      My best, 🙂

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