Spent the day today at the Holistic LDS Living Conference.  Amazing classes taught!  Loved the talk by Nicoleen Peck on being the parents of the armies of Helaman – absolutely incredible!!!  Also took a great class on understanding herbal medicine that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Then I came home and spent some time at the Health & Wellness Fair at The Grateful Pose where I’d set up a display.  Met a really nice lady who does cranial sacral work and was able to help her clear some blocked energy (can’t wait for my session with her).  Then came  home and did a foot zone and some energy work on a cute 10 year old boy – that was such a sweet experience.  Our niece and nephews are spending the night and going to church with us tomorrow so we got to read scriptures with them and tuck them in bed.  A really fulfilling day all around.  🙂  It’s just amazing to me how spiritual energy it.  We have been truely blessed.

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