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By February 4, 2014Foot Zoning

1 - What is foot zoningWhat is foot zoning?  On the feet, there are energy signals that correspond to every body system, organ, and part.

Foot Zoning is a method of accessing these energy signals on the body.

Foot zoning is an energy modality, meaning it utilizes the energy pathways discovered by Dr. William Fitzgerald in the early 1900’s.


2 - How does foot zoning work


How does foot zoning work?  The following video might help explain.



3 - Where did foot zoning come fromWhere did foot zoning come from?  In the early 1900’s there was a gentleman in Norway by the name of Charles Ersdal who was paralyzed on his left side.  Dr. Ersdal had a friend who was a chiropractor and who had been trained in reflexology.  Ersdal agreed to let his friend work on him and over the course of two years, Ersdal was cured of his paralysis.

As a result of his success, Dr. Ersdal began an intense study of reflexology.  Of utmost importance to Charles was the answer to this question, “Why does reflexology work for some people (as it had for him) but not work for others.”  Charles continued his study for many years, and one evening he had a dream.  (The mind continues to function as we sleep, so if you don’t believe in the power of dreams, believe in the power of the mind.)  In his dream Charles was told that he needed to work the body in it’s entirety and in order, not only in reflex points.  Charles saw in his dream a map of the body as it lays out on the foot – every body system, organ, and part – in 3-dimension.  Because Charles was trained in reflexology he took the map and his instructions to work the body in order and in entirety and developed a technique which he called foot zone therapy.  Charles Ersdal continued perfecting his treatments up until the day he died.  You will find a more complete history of foot zoning in The History of Foot Zoning in America.

Those new to foot zoning may ask if maps are available of the energy signals.  Yes, of course maps are available although they are proprietary and while they are provided to their students for training purposes I don’t know of any school that sells their map to the public.  The novice also needs to remember that the reason foot zoning works differently than reflexology is that foot zoners do not work on points or reflexes.  Rather we work on signals that are stimulated in a specific order so the body can function properly.  A map of the signals will not tell you what order to work the signals or whether the signal can be accessed on the surface of the foot, deeper into the foot, or if it can only be accessed by using a hooking technique.


4 - What happens during a foot zone sessionWhat happens during a foot zone session?  During a typical session, the Foot Zone Practitioner will use their hands, fingers, thumbs, and knuckles to stimulate the signals on the foot.  Occasionally there will be discomfort which is an indication of disharmony in a signal.  A session will typically take about 45 minutes but may take longer depending on the other energy services that the Practitioner provides.


5 - What are the benefits of foot zoningWhat are the benefits of foot zoning?  The purpose of the foot zone technique is to help bring the body into balance.  The body is designed to heal itself and will do so in the order that will provide lasting benefits.  It will typically take 6-10 foot zone sessions for the body to reach a state of homeostasis.  Then regular maintenance sessions are typically enough to keep the body in balance.

Following the first zone session, clients typically report that they either have a lot of energy or they feel very tired (the body heals as you sleep).  Because it can take up to 4 days for the full benefits of a foot zone session to be manifest, some report that they feel no difference (other than a feeling relaxation) for days after a session, but on the third day they face-plant on the bed and sleep for 12 hours.

Every session will be different and every person will experience different benefits and effects.  These are a few of the reported benefits and reactions.

Foot Zoning Benefits and Reactions


6 - Where can I find a foot zoner

Where can I find a foot zoner?  The Find a Foot Zoner Near You Directory provides a listing of certified Foot Zoners located all of the country and internationally.  This Directory is provided as a customer service.



7 - Can I learn the foot zone techniqueCan I learn the foot zone technique?  Absolutely!  I am an instructor for We Do Feet and we believe that every family should have a way to access the body in times of stress and sickness and to bring balance in the home.

Training for the Foot Zone technique takes place over a nine month period.  We meet on a Friday and Saturday once a month which allows you time to practice and study.  Each class is broken down to give you thorough and complete instruction, concept-by-concept, before we move on to the next module.

During the first 4 classes you’ll learn the foot zone map and technique.  During the next 5 classes you’ll learn ways to support and perfect the zone technique and I’ll help you progress from following a “map” to “feeling the signals.”  Along the way, you’ll also learn the principles of success, anatomy and physiology, essential oils, muscle testing, and much more!  This training is designed to help you be the best Foot Zone Practitioner you can be.

If you would like more information on classes, the curriculum, or what it takes to learn the Foot Zone Technique, please feel free to call me at 801-292-7574 for more information.



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