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Foot Zone Therapy is in the news again!  This time in Norway where Zone Therapy Instructor and Practitioner, Terje Varpe is working with the University of Tromsø and the Vestskogen Medical Center on a study to test the efficacy of Zone Therapy on sinusitis.

You may remember Terje Varpe from the article I wrote on The History of Foot Zone Therapy.  Terje was a student in Dr. Charles Ersdal’s first Zone Therapy class, but it looks like Terje is the one making history this time!

Below is the Google translation of the original article which is written in Norwegian.  If you speak Norwegian you may want to check out the article yourself.

The local news station also picked up the story.  And a local radio station reported on the study as well.

Stig Erik would really buy cough juice, but this was what helped him

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: Patient Stig Erik Ask (t.v.) believes Zone Therapist Terje Varpe had loosened sinusitis.
Photo: Julia Horn

Published 11. January 2018, at 10:06

It was painful, but it resolved, says Stig Erik Ask

A team of two Zone Therapists and one Professor went together a few years ago to break the acute sinus infection.  Now they are applying for the study.

Stig Erik Ask is one of those who have been included in the study to reduce the plagues of chronic sinusitis.

Ask had accidentally mentioned that he had sinusitis when he went to Vestskogen Medical Center a few months ago to get a prescription for cough syrup.

Vestskogen Medical Center is a partner with the University of Tromsø in this project, including patients for the study.  When Ask mentioned the sinusitis and his long history of inflammation, my colleague and Doctor Catarina Bigset asked if he wanted to participate, says Kjersti Tragethon, health secretary at the West Skogen Medical Center.

What is the study?

Professor at Norwegian Research Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Tromsø, Ame Johan Norheim, says that there is no good treatment for sinusitis today.

Zone Therapy is claimed to have effect and we would investigate.  Acute sinusitis is something that many struggle with and we want to find out whether Zone Therapy can help, he says.

The body has a capacity to heal itself.  What we hope to prove is that by giving the  nervous system a little push, it triggers other positive processes.

Want to see the results

Petter Brelin, in the Norwegian Society for General Medicine, does not believe that Zone Therapy will give any effect.

I am basically skeptical about alternative medicine, but positive to doing thorough studies about it.  I look forward to seeing the results of the study, he says.

Harmless treatment

RESEARCH TEAM: Arne Johan Norheim, Professor at the National Research Center for Complemenatary and Alternative Medicine at the Universy of Tromsø (f.v.); Kjersti Tragethon, Health Sector at Vestskogen Medical Center; John Petter Lindeland, Zone Therapist; and Terje Varpe, Zone Therapist.
Photo: Julia Horn

Patient Ask recommended treatment despite pain.

I had three rounds of therapy with close follow-up.  It loosened in the sinuses a little bit before I was completely recovered after the third treatment, he says.

Zone Therapist John Petter Lindeland, says the treatment is safe.

It is completely harmless, which makes it easier for us to complete the study, he says.

Encourages patients

The Zone Therapists Lindeland and Terje Varpe and Professor Norheim, encourage people who suffer from acute sinusitis to contact Vestskogen Medical Center.

The study takes place here in Tønsberg, so everyone over 18 who can get to the center is welcome, says Norheim.

He adds that one is still not guaranteed a place in the study.

If you fit the target group we are looking for, you will receive free treatment and follow-up with us, says Norheim.

Patient Ask says he is happy with the treatment process.

I just needed to fill in some forms.  Although it’s bad when it’s on, I have to say it really helped me.  The sinusitis has not returned, he says.

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