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The Pages and Posts of Mind Body and Sole contain information to help bring balance and homeostasis to your life.  Pages are full of information that I consistently give to my students and clients.  They’re a resource that I refer to often.  Posts are articles that provide additional information on topics such as Herbs, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Energy Work, Foot Zone Therapy, and principles of The Weston A Price Foundation.  There are times when a Post will have such valuable information that I include it under one of the Page Tabs.

Let’s take a look then, at where readers are going, and what information they found useful this past year.

During the year, I did a series of Posts on The 7 Universal Laws.  The 7 Universal Laws expand on The Law of Attraction and how we use Energy to bring things into our lives or to push things away from us.  Number 10 in our line-up is an article on The Law of Detachment.


Methods of working on the feet have been around for centuries, but Charles Ersdal developed an extremely comprehensive technique which he called Foot Zone Therapy that uses signals on the feet in connection with meridians of energy flow to remove blockages and bring balance into your life.  Because Dr. Ersdal died without writing about the development of this technique, I contacted every person I could find who had taken classes from him and discussed with them their experiences in Dr. Ersdal’s classes and what he shared with them about the technique and the development of this treatment.  Based on these interviews, and other written sources, I compiled The History of Foot Zoning in America which is Number 9 in our line-up.

One of the elements of Energy Work that is covered in every Foot Zone class is Muscle Testing.  Our bodies have an energy system which may be called, among other things, Prana or Qi.  This energy flows through our body and is naturally attracted to that which is good and is naturally “repulsed” by that which is bad.  Once an individual learns to feel and understand this energy flow, they can begin to use a technique called Muscle Testing.  For some, it is sufficient to know that our body has energy, for me, I needed to understand this energy source.  Number 8 in our line up is an article, simply titled Muscle Testing, which demonstrates the simplest form of muscle testing (there are many forms) and explains my understanding of the source of our body’s energy.

Sometimes you don’t need a deep explanation of what something is.  Sometimes a  brief, to the point explanation is sufficient.  Number 7 in the line-up, Foot Zoning, is a general description of this complementary therapy.


Number 6 in the line-up is a post is wrote entitled, Garlic!!! which discusses the health benefits of garlic.  Because garlic is so beneficial to the body, I recommend it as part of The Perfect Trifecta for Intestinal Health, so it’s no wonder that this simple post became one of the most popular this year.


Essential Oils are becoming more and more popular and more readily available than ever before.  Because of that, people naturally have questions about essential oils and which brands are better.  Some brand representatives have taken the unethical approach (in my view) of claiming that there’s is the “only” brand to be trusted, or the “only” brand that can be safely ingested.  Because of that, I wrote What Brand of Essential Oil Should I Use? which is Number 5 in our line-up for the year.

Once people understand how Foot Zone Therapy can benefit them and their family, it’s natural that they want to know where they can find a Foot Zone Therapist near them.  It’s no surprise that the Find a Foot Zoner Near You page is Number 4 in our line-up.  This page provides you with a state-by-state listing of Certified Foot Zone Therapists.


Apparently, spider bites are more common than I realize.  As a Chapter Leader for The Weston A. Price Foundation I am amazed at the vast amount of knowledge and resources I have access to.  The WAPF website provides thousands of articles and videos on nutrition and complementary therapies.  Chapter leaders around the world willingly share their experience and expertise.  Kirsty Rayburn, Solano County, California Chapter Leader, authored the guest post, Home Treatment for Brown Recluse Spider Bites, that is Number 3 in this year’s line-up.

An even more frequent occurrence is yeast overgrowth.  I would wager that the majority of the population of the United States has a problem with an over-abundance of harmful yeast in their system.  Number 2 in our line-up is a series of guest posts by Amy Jones, a Childbirth Educator and Doula, called Taming the Yeastie Beasties.  This series was so critical to the health of my clients and to the training of my students that it warranted it’s own page.  In this series you’ll find information on symptoms and stages of yeast overgrowth as well as a protocol for balancing yeast.

A product that is gaining some much warranted recognition is bentonite clay.  Bentonite clay has some amazing health and first aid benefits and should be found in every household.  We have a wonderful source of bentonite clay right here in Redmond, Utah.  Redmond Clay is a bentonite clay that has been shown to have greater pulling power than other bentonite clays.  Darryl Bosshardt, and the folks over at Redmond Trading generously provide classes and educational material and videos.  This is a product that I recommend to every client and I find it so valuable that it’s included in our Quarterly Group Buy along with other Redmond products like Real Salt, Bath Salt Plus, and Earthpaste.  Our Number 1 most read article this year is Redmond Clay, a compilation of information and videos about this wonderful product.  You’ll even find a free download of the ebook, We Eat Clay.


So there you have it.  These are the Pages and Posts that have been the most popular this year.  Maybe you’ve read them before, maybe there’s one or two that are new to you.  Either way, I hope you’ve been able to find something that has helped you and your family this year.   I look forward to a wonderful New Year filled with blessings and  opportunities to learn additional ways to grow and serve.

May your family be blessed with peace, happiness, and joy that comes in knowing that you are loved.  🙂