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W e’d like to share some information on your options if your employer seeks to require you to be vaccinated as a condition of your employment, or for your children in school.

Employees with sincerely held religious beliefs that would be violated by getting vaccinated may be able to refuse an employer’s demand to vaccinate under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (Please note: you do not have to belong to any organized religion to have sincerely held religious beliefs.)

Title VII makes it unlawful employment practice for an employer to discharge or discriminate against an employee because of such individual’s religion. (However, you may be required to take other steps required by the employer, such as wearing a mask, in place of vaccination.) This is true for any vaccine demanded by employers.

In addition, with respect to COVID vaccines, they have been granted Emergency Use Authorization only, not full approval by the FDA. Therefore, at this time, employers are not allowed to mandate COVID vaccines, even for first responders and frontline workers.

Vaccine exceptions are also available for children. Parents can opt their children out of any vaccine required for school attendance by claiming a religious exemption in all but 5 states (California, Mississippi, West Virginia, New York and Maine), and 16 states have philosophical exemptions. Medical exemptions are also available in every state, although these may be very difficult to obtain, especially in California. For a map of state exemptions click here:

Any medical intervention should require voluntary informed consent as stipulated in the Nuremburg Code and the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights. But authorities tend to override these principles based on emergency declarations due to COVID.

It bears repeating that these COVID vaccines are experimental, have been fast-tracked, and carry a high rate of side effects. According to the CDC, 2.7 percent of vaccine recipients were “unable to perform normal daily activities or go to work” after getting a COVID vaccine.1 Reports of deaths, especially among the elderly, are widespread.

These adverse reactions are not a surprise. There has never been an approved vaccine for SARS virus diseases because all previously developed vaccines were found to be too risky.

Yet despite these risks – or rather, because of them – vaccine developers have been given complete indemnity if (when) their vaccines cause harm.

Vaccine manufacturers claim that COVID vaccines are 95 percent “effective,” but the FDA is allowing companies to define effectiveness as “prevention of mild symptoms.” The studies are not designed to detect a reduction in outcomes such as severe illness, hospitalization or death.2  There is no proof that these vaccines prevent infection or transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This is why public health officials have stated that vaccine recipients will still be required to wear face-coverings, maintain physical distance and avoid crowds.3,4


1)      2006 Federal legislation removed all civil liability from pharmaceutical companies for injuries and deaths caused by vaccines and drugs manufactured in response to declared public health emergencies, including the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

2)      Many of the new vaccines use DNA or mRNA technology, which is based on a faster and less expensive technology. Neither DNA or mRNA vaccines have been tested properly in large-scale clinical trials. SARS, MERS, and HIV vaccines use this experimental technology, but so far, none have been proven effective and safe for humans.

3)      Moderna and Pfizer’s “vaccines” are not really vaccines. According to Moderna executives their “vaccine” is actually a form of “gene therapy.”  Messenger RNA “vaccines” send a strand of synthetic RNA into human beings, thus invoking the creation of the S-1 spike protein inside the human being. These “vaccines” do not keep you from getting infected, but they do trigger your body to produce a protein that could make you sick. A true vaccine should confer immunity, not make your body produce a potential toxin.5

4)      Vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline have paid billions of dollars in criminal penalties and settlements for research fraud, faking drug safety studies, failing to report safety problems, bribery, kickbacks and false advertising.6.7 Pfizer paid $2.3 billion in 2009 alone to resolve criminal and civil allegations.8

5)      We can address disease issues without forcing people to accept high-risk vaccinations (while letting the companies that produce them walk away with no liability for the injuries they may cause). A healthy diet with lots of fat-soluble vitamins, preventive measures to boost people’s immune systems, the use of intravenous Vitamin C and zinc, reduction of EMF exposure, and other measures can reduce the severity of disease without side effects, and without destroying people’s civil rights.

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