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Herbal Energetics

Learning Herbs is teaming up with Kiva Rose to offer an Herb Energetics Course which should launch later this month.

Herbal energetics makes learning herbalism easier because you learn directly from the plant.  You’ll learn to recognize the “language” of the plant which fine tunes the herbal selection process.  Herbal information is easier to remember and apply because it’s about using your senses to learn about the plants.  The  Herb Energetics Course is designed to give you the missing piece of the puzzle of how to put your herbal work together.

Click on any of the links to enjoy the first module of the course.  It’s a nice overview of exactly what herbal energetics is all about.  Kiva also designed a bonus chart for you to  print out.

AND, to give you an example of what herbal energetics is and how you can use it, Kiva is sharing her recipe for Evergreen Balm.  Enjoy!  🙂


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