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When I created my website back in June 2010, it was with the intent of sharing my love of holistic living – herbs, essential oils, traditional foods and food preparation, and holistic therapies (like Foot Zone Therapy).  I began hosting a weekly blog hop called Wildcrafting Wednesday and eventually invited two other wonderful bloggers, Sharon @ The Woodwife’s Journal and Jennifer @ The Entwife’s Journal to co-host with me.

While traditional wildcrafting refers to gathering herbs and plants in the wild to use for food and medicine, Wildcrafting Wednesday was a weekly blog hop where bloggers could share self-sufficiency and homesteading tips, tried and true home-remedies, and their favorite herbal uses. It was a place for readers to gather information on ways to incorporate old fashioned wisdom in their day-to-day life. It was anything and everything herbal – from crafts to cleaning to tinctures to cooking. It was remedies and natural cures made at home from natural ingredients. It was self-sufficient living, homesteading, and back-to-basics tips to save food, money, and resources. If it involved herbs or traditional methods of homemaking and home healing then we wanted to read about it! In other words, Wildcrafting Wednesday was a “one stop shop” for the best tips and simple steps to become more healthy and more self-reliant!

Wildcrafting Wednesday ran for 4 years, hosted 197 editions, and included some great articles from wonderful bloggers around the world.

I recently learned that because of some coding conflict, the great posts shared by all those wonderful bloggers are not showing up on the pages of my site.  Because Wildcrafting Wednesday editions are still a frequently referenced category, I was faced with the daunting task of reinserting 197 pieces of code into 197 blog posts.  Yikes!

Instead, I decided to simplify into a slight less daunting task and create an “Annual Year Book” of sorts that showed the posts for each year broken down by season along with a separate post for the Special Editions.  It still involves inserting 197 pieces of code, but into much fewer than 197 posts!

I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane with Wildcrafting Wednesday Revisited and that you find a tip, tool, recipe, or resource that helps you in your goal to live a happier, healthier life!

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