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Safety Energy Lock 4 – The Door

Location:  At the base of the skull, at the occipital ridge (on the left and right).

SEL 4 is called the “window” that lets in the light of knowledge and life-giving breath.

SEL 4 is an ascending flow.  Exhaling begins at the 4’s, over the head and down to the 7’s on the pad of the big toe.

SEL 4 is the bridge from the invisible into the visible, the formless to the form and visa versa.  SEL 4 gets the spirit, mind, and body in harmony.

SEL 4 harmonizes insomnia; head discomforts; eye, throat, and leg tension or stress.  Jumper-cable and harmonize the SEL 4s whenever you or a friend suffer from sore or dry throat, sinus projects, ear problems, nosebleeds, insomnia, eye weakness or strain, headaches, tension in the neck, dizziness, loss of consciousness, difficulty with ready and writing, dyslexia, or difficulty with arithmetic, or leg tension.  When SEL 4 begins to close up, the body is affected head to toes.

SEL 4 helps with emotional distress and mental clarity.  It calms thoughts, promotes logic and common sense and brings peace and clarity.  SEL 4 promotes spiritual awareness.

SEL 4 is known as the Weaving Princess, weaving from the invisible into the visible, the formless into the form.  When the loving Weaving Princess cannot do it anymore, the 4’s close down and life is over.