Safety Energy Lock 5 – Regeneration

Location:  At the inside of the ankle, between the ankle bone and the heel.

The first depth corresponds to the element earth, and the four safety energy locks located on the first depth represent the four elements and the building blocks for the manifestation of life.

The second depth is ruled by Air, which represents the mind, the intellect and communication.

Five, the first safety energy lock on the second depth, is the beginning of this process of self-awareness.

SEL 5 restores our ability to release all that is old and take up the new.  It helps us let go of old thoughts and habits and find new direction.  For this reason, it is associate with regeneration and rebirth.

When SEL 5 is open, we feel liberated from all the bondage that held us back in the past.

SEL 5 is the first SEL born of the 2nd Depth and represents man rising the rough the five senses level – ATTAINMENT.

Pythagoras states that five is the number of final healing (four elements plus spirit), the finding of divine purpose in all things.  Jin Shin Jyutsu teaches that Five is Man: the union of spirit (the One) with the four elements (matter).

SEL 5 harmonizes chest congestion, bronchial asthma, digestion discomfort, back and hip tension/stress, hearing discomfort and tinnitus, dry mouth and throat, urinary incontinence, and swollen heals.  SEL 5 strengthens the uterus, ovaries and prostate, helps with menstrual pain; and promotes fertility.

SEL 5s are often jumper-cabled whenever we experience fear and uncertainties.  SEL 5 facilitates our freedom from fear, promotes the ability to rise above worldly attitudes, and stimulates life, infusing it with vitality and fertility.  SEL 5 aids in our ability to love.

Fear is the foundation of all attitudes – worry, anger, grief, pretense…  SEL 5 frees us from our fears so that we can understand and overcome our bondages and become free.

If SEL 5 is inhibited or blocked then we have a difficult time energetically meeting the demands of life.  Through facing our fears, we liberate our mind and release the energy that will help us learn, through our actions, who we are.  Without discipline and courage, men will truly feel afraid.  The rewards of five are strength, and the pitfall is fear.

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