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The EXTREME Sale – 40% Off

By September 19, 2011No Comments

Soap Nuts / Soap Berry Liquid Concentrated Natural Detergent – and green household cleaner concentrate!  Now 40% off through midnight Tuesday!

EXTREME 18X is simply the MOST concentrated, safe, effective and earth friendly laundry detergent and green, multi-purpose household cleaner you will ever find.  Period.

Only 8-OUNCES replaces 17-POUNDS of conventional laundry products.  Why ship and transport water and fillers?  Why lug all those big, heavy jugs?  Why contribute to filling up the world’s landfills?  Do yourself – and our planet – a huge favor!

  • Simply a better way to clean.  ULTRA-concentrated.
  • Incredibly versatile!  Replaces most toxic household cleaners.
  • NaturOli’s proprietary, berry-based detergent / cleaner concentrate
  • The absolute lowest carbon footprint of any detergent or cleaner – anywhere.
  • Innovative micro dose pump system makes measuring and use a breeze.  No waste.  No mess.  One single dose (2ml) per squirt is sufficient for most average loads – regardless of machine type.
  • Dilute with purified or tap water as desired for a multitude of household cleaning purposes.  Dilution ratio varies with purpose.  Five or six ounces of water to one ounce EXTREME 18 X is a good ratio to start with.  Adjust ratio as desired.
  • Absolutely PHENOMENAL.  100% green glass cleaner.
  • Virtually eliminates streaks and haze.  Amazing.
  • Superb for granite and tile counter tops and surfaces.  Especially polished surfaces.
  • Great for chrome and stainless steel surfaces.
  • A superb car wash.  Minimizes spotting – and won’t remove your wax job.
  • Leaves carpets wonderfully clean, fresh, and soft.
  • 99+% truly botanical based.
  • No sulfates, parabens, phthlates, phosphates, petro-chemicals, dyes or chemical brighteners.
  • An ideal formulation for many homemade skin, hair, and scalp treatments.
  • Fully sustainable from a renewable resource.
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Long 2+ year shelf life


  • Ideal for High Efficiency (HE), all front loading and standard washing machines.
  • Reduces or eliminates residue, mildew and odors.
  • Eliminates need and expense for softeners and dryer sheets.
  • Safe for delicate fabrics.
  • 100% fragrance free!  Perfect for sensitive skin and noses.

NaturOli’s extensive work with Soap Nuts/Soap Berries has been recognized by the prestigious “Green Dot Awards – Celebrating Excellence in Green Products and Services.”

Tip for first time laundry washing: Start fresh!  Run an empty load or two (or with some old rags) using a couple squirts (about a teaspoon) of EXTREME 18X.  This is to purge your machine of built-up, nasty residues left by your old detergents.  This will help you avoid having that old gunk from being released back into your good laundry.  Your machine will also begin smelling like new again.

May be used with conventional chemical spot and stain removers, cleaning boosters, and whiteners if desired.  A final wash or rinse with EXTREME 18X will go to work to remove any such toxic supplements.  Try the Pre-Treat Stick for a safe, non-toxic cleaning aid.

NOW ON SALE – 40% OFF!  Use Coupon Code:  MyChoice

Sale ends Tuesday at midnight!

Extreme 18X 96 load laundry detergent comparison


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