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The Omega Vert Juicer

Like most people, I need to incorporate more vegetables in my diet.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, getting more of the vitamins, nutrients, phytonutrients, and anti-oxidants is extremely important to my health.  I don’t have a problem eating plenty of raw fruit, but 7 servings of raw vegetables a day can be hard to do.  I could of course eat salad all day long – which isn’t a bad thing – but it can get rather monotonous!  The only way I can think of to get the benefits of vegetables without carrying a carrot, celery stick, or broccoli bite around with me all day is to juice!  Plus, by juicing the nutrients are more easily assimilated into my body without the body having to expend a lot of energy breaking down the fiber from the vegetable.

I’d been looking at juicers for quite some time when I discovered the Hurom juicer.  It’s a slow masticating style juicer that processes at 80RPM, prevents oxidation, allows juice to be stored for up to 72 horus without degradation and in addition to fruits and hard vegetatables also juices leafy greens, and (drum roll please) wheatgrasss!

Well, I was in LOVE!  I knew it was my next purchase until I began looking around and researching the Hurom.  What I discovered is that the same company that manufactures the Hurom also manufactures the Omega and another professional quality juicer used at juice bars.  All three are basically the same juicer with different names on them.  But what sold me on the Omega was the warranty!  While they both have a 10 year warranty on the motor, Hurom has recently changed their warranty on parts to 1 year and Omega has maintained a 10 year warranty on parts!  Well, that sold me!

To have a juicer that I can use for my fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, AND wheat grass is just what I have been wanting!  To have a 10 year warranty on parts and motor just sweetens the deal!  🙂  So, I became a distributor.  🙂   I figured if this is a product that I would want to own, then other people would want to as well, and there aren’t any distributors in our area.  So, here are a couple videos that will show you the difference between the different styles of juicers and demostrate them as well (just click on the link).  The Vert is in the second video.

If you have any questions about the juicers or would like to know the pricing, please let me know.  The Vert is available in either white or silver color.

Here’s to eating, er…drinking, more fruits and vegetables.  Cheers!  🙂


This juicing demonstration video comparing the various styles of juicers manufactured by Omega Products.  The first juicer featured is the Juicer 1000 a centrifugal style juicer which is the most efficient juicer on the market and is used in this video to create a juicer containing apples, ginger, lime and carrots.

The next juicer demonstrated is the Omega Mega Mouth juicer which is also known as a pulp ejector style juicer due to its ability to dispense pulp out the back into a separate collection bin, this feature allows for continuous juicing without interruption.  For this demonstration we use the Mega Mouth juicer to mix a blend of fruit and vegetables containing apples, kale, lemon, carrots, and celery.

This juicing demonstration video features the Juicer 8004 which is a horizontal masticating juicer and is used in this video to create a juice blend of pineapple, wheat grass, and parsley.

The next demonstration features the all new Omega Vert Juicer which is a vertical masticating juicer and creates a juice cocktail containing grapes, pomegranate seeds, strawberries, and apples.

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