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The Weston A. Price Foundation is having a membership drive through the end of March and offering a discounted rate on membership fees! During the month of March new members can join the Weston A. Price Foundation for only $30 for the year!  That’s $10 off their normal annual dues!

I invite you to JOIN the Weston A. Price Foundation and be a part of our mission: Wise Traditions in food, farming, and the healing arts

  • A Community of Like-Minded People – The WAPF helps you connect with others seeking a healthy lifestyle via social media, chapter meetings, and conferences
  • Comprehensive Website – The WAPF maintains the most visited alternative nutrition website
  • Pasture-Raised Food – The WAPF worldwide chapter system  helps you find nutrient-dense foods in your area
  • Raw Milk – The WAPF has worked to make raw milk available in almost very state!
  • Timeless Information – The WAPF provides information based on traditional dietary wisdom so you can be guided by what has nourished people for millennia, and not by food industry propaganda
  • Healthy Babies and Children – The WAPF gives you information to achieve the greatest of gifts – vibrant, healthy children!
  • Yearly Shopping Guide – The WAPF Shopping Guide helps you find healthy food online, in health food and grocery stores
  • Weekly Podcast – The WAPF weekly podcast has had over 1 million downloads

Membership includes a quarterly journal, eleven brochures, an annual shopping guide, exclusive access to a Facebook group, and upcoming 12 Spoons Restaurant Guide, and a discount on their annual conference.

Join the WAPF Today!

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