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Support a study of vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated children

Proponents of vaccines claim that they save lives and protect children’s health. Yet the most basic of comparisons between unvaccinated children and vaccinated children has never been done.  The government has never conducted a single study looking at the overall health of a vaccinated vs. an unvaccinated population.

Now we have a chance to fight for the science needed to make truly informed decisions about vaccines.  U.S. Representative Bill Posey has introduced a bill calling for a comprehensive study comparing the health outcomes in vaccinated populations versus unvaccinated populations in the United States.

The Weston A. Price Foundation believes such a study is long overdue.  Americans are seeing an explosion in chronic disease and disability in our children including ADHD and learning disabilities, asthma, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, seizures, encephalitis (brain swelling), and autism.

Could some of this be connected to the fact that the vaccine schedule has tripled since the 1980’s, and children now receive 69 doses of 16 vaccines?

A recent independent pilot study showed that unvaccinated children have lower incidences of allergies and neurodevelopmental disorders than vaccinated children:

We need a larger, comprehensive study, recognized by the U.S. government.  Representative Posey has been arguing for such a study for years; check out this video of a 2012 hearing, in which he confronts a CDC official about the CDC’s failure to study vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated outcomes:

If H.R. 3615 passes, the study could prove a turning point for vaccine policy in our country – and the future of our children.  Please take a few moments to urge your U.S. Representative to support H.R. 3615!



ACTION #1:  Contact your U.S. Representative and urge them to SUPPORT H.R. 3615.  You can find out who represents you at: or by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Phone calls have a greater impact than emails.  You can leave a very short message (“I urge my Representative to support H.R. 3615) or ask to speak to the staffer who handles health issues, and have a conversation to increase your impact.  Be clear and concise about why this issue matters to you and/or the people in your community.  You can use some of the talking points below to help you get your thoughts in order.

If you do use email, be sure to use a clear subject line (“Support HR 3615”), and keep it short, but personal.



Does this issue REALLY matter to you?  Nothing has a greater impact than meeting with your legislator or their staff face-to-face!  And now is a great time, because Congress is recessed and the Reps are back in their home districts – near you.

Find out who your Rep is at and then click on their name to visit their website.  Under Contact, they will have information for both their DC and their district offices – contact the district office nearest you and ask about meeting.  If the Rep’s schedule is already packed, say that you’d be happy to meet with the staff – that truly does make a difference!

Once you have a meeting scheduled, you can contact WAPF for more tips on how to make it as effective and impactful as possible:



Email Representative Bill Posey and thank him for his brave introduction of H.R. 3615.



View the bill here:

1)      We need a study that evaluates the health outcomes among children who have and have not been vaccinated according to the federally recommended vaccine schedule.

2)      Even though America has one of the highest child vaccination rates in the world and spends the most on health care, our children are among the sickest in the developed world, crippled by chronic disease and disability including; ADHD and learning disabilities, asthma, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, seizures, encephalitis (brain swelling), and autism. A vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated study would provide vital information to help improve the wellbeing of our children.

3)      The public is increasingly distrustful of the one-size fits all childhood vaccine schedule, while vaccine makers and the healthcare providers who administer them bear zero liability for vaccine injuries and deaths.  A study that looks at the overall health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children would go a long way to restoring the public trust.

4)      A recent study by the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI) shows cause for concern. This study found children 6-12 years old were more likely to be diagnosed with pneumonia, otitis media, allergies and neurodevelopmental disorders if they were vaccinated.

This study concluded that vaccination coupled with preterm birth was associated with increasing odds of an NDD (defined as a learning disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.)

Excellent article on the first study:–XHYNDgRo7iqTWz3nnF5tFFMOdDqbQ7p_EOiMVTMi20XWgxDMMwdnk3jF2I3IMqDFS9fyucHnXy0k_Ix36UjLPgMxLvwiW9jnH0kIm_w26jGa-R48&_hsmi=51549520

5)      Not only has no study been done that looked at comprehensive health outcomes, but the far more limited studies that have been done are not trustworthy.  Just last year, CDC scientist William Thompson confessed that he and other CDC scientists destroyed their own data showing a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.


Remember, your involvement and activism works!