Congratulations Graduates!

This week-end was the culmination of 9 months of study and practice for 25 woman as they completed their written and practical exams to become Certified in the Foot Zone Technique through We Do Feet.

The entire week-end wasn’t all exam time though.  On Friday, Glynn Scholle joined us to present a very special Remember Who You Are program designed to help the class members remember “That they are Queens!”

Following the exams, we all met at Maddox in Brigham City for a wonderful ceremony and dinner.  Brad Noall, the owner of We Do Feet, shared a few thoughts and some inspiring words with the graduates and their family members.  Then the students had the opportunity to share a few words about their experience in the classes.  It was a touching evening with many smiles and many tears.

“This was an amazing class!  It was so awesome to have us all come together.  This was only made possible through all of you and your desire to change the world.  Then through all the Instructors that dedicate their time and energy to giving unconditionally of themselves.  We have the best instructors that we could ever ask for!”  Brad Noall

With 25 new Certified Foot Zone Therapists ready to help wherever they can, be sure to check out the updated Find a Foot Zoner Near You Directory to locate a foot zoner in your area.


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