Although the effects of a foot zone are different for every person, the benefits are undeniable.  Let me share with you some of my personal experiences and some of the experiences that others have shared with me.

After I have a foot zone what I notice most of all is an over-all feeling of well-being, especially emotional well-being.  There’s one particular situation that sticks out in my mind.

I had some tenants who was moving out and the wife was not being very nice to either us or her husband who was trying to smooth things over.  When my  husband and I went to talk with them, she was being very rude and said some mean things to her husband in front of us.  I was shocked and upset for him.  For a couple of days afterward when I would talk about the encounter the emotion was so strong that if I repeated what she said, I could get the tone and inflection exactly right.  Well, I had a foot zone and after the zone when I tried to talk about it the emotion was completely gone!  I couldn’t get her tone right, I couldn’t get the inflection right, nothing was there, the emotion had completely left me.  It was wonderful!

Another time I’d gone several weeks without having a zone and was feeling really out of sorts.  It was a particularly stressful time with step-kids and an ex-wife and I was on edge.  After my zone I was physically exhausted not only that evening but the following day and slept quite a bit.  But after that, I felt great, the stress was completely gone, and I able to deal with the issues calmly.

Because we’re generally healthy – in part, I think, because of the zones – we don’t have many physical  problems to report on, but I have had people tell me about benefits they’ve experienced such as:

  • Improvement in neuropathy
  • Relief from motion sickness (they don’t get it anymore)
  • Relief from stuttering
  • Improvement in fibromyalgia
  • Improvement in circulation
  • Increased energy
  • Improved relationships

Of course, you may experience something totally different, but the wonderful thing is you’ll feel better!  If you want to know more, or want to schedule a foot zone session, please give me a call at (801) 292-7574.

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