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Compass-3Have you ever felt confused or lost when learning about herbs?

Have you ever wondered exactly how experienced herbalists match the remedy to the person instead of the disease?

Maybe you have a shelf full of herbal books and don’t know where to begin.  Or you’re wondering how YOU can choose the right herb for the right person with confidence?

It’s all revealed in this new video training offered FREE from Learning Herbs:

Video link:

This powerful FREE video reveals:

  • The #1 proven way to learn about herbs… that doesn’t require book study or memorization.
  • How to dramatically improve your chances for success when making a remedy.
  • How to take a book shelf of information and get it off the shelf and into practical use for your family.
  • What “energetics” are and why they are important to your long term success as a home herbalist.
  • How to get herbalism into your daily life, even when you barely have time to make dinner.

You’ll learn about herbs and plants the way your great, great grandmother learned, the way ancient people learned.  You’ll learn how they knew what worked and what did NOT work.

LearningHerbs has cracked the code, with a new twist on ancient wisdom, and they share the secret in this awesome free video!  🙂

Video Link:

When you sign up, you won’t just get the video though!  You’ll also get access to a complete downloadable packet with worksheets, a recipe card, and more!  Whenever Learning Herbs releases a series of free training videos I always register for the training because they’re powerful herbal education!  AND the price is right!  🙂

This first training video will completely change the way you navigate herbalism.  The secret to learning about herbs is NOT on the Internet.  The answers are inside YOU.  Find out how in this video right now!  🙂

Video link: