I Want to Learn the Foot Zone. What Now?

One of the things I tell my students is, “There is no competition between Foot Zoners!  We each have our own unique gifts, talents, and abilities and you will attract people to you that need what you have to offer.” Well, that same philosophy applies to the individuals and the schools that teach the Foot Zone Technique.  Each has their own focus and will attract to them the students that need what they have to offer. So, when you’re looking for the right place to get your training, ask yourself a few questions.


How Complete Should My Training Be?

I like to compare Foot Zone training to learning to sew.  Anyone who knows how to sew can teach you how to sew a seam.  BUT will they teach you how to sew a dress, adjust a pattern, measure for a button hole?  Will they show you the tips for getting the collar to lay flat or the sleeves to lay smooth?  Well, similarly, anyone who knows the Foot Zone Technique can teach it to someone else.  But how complete is their training?  Will they teach you what you’re feeling on the feet?  Will they teach you how to move energy blockages or what a blockage feels like?  Will they teach you about essential oils or muscle testing or herbal remedies or any of the other modalities that support the zone?  These are important questions.  Do you want to know how to sew or do you want to be a Seamstress?  Do you want to know how to zone or do you want to be a Foot Zone Practitioner?

What Kind of Foot Zone Practitioner Do I Want to Be?

Once you’ve made the decision to be a Foot Zone Practitioner, the next step is to decide what kind of a Practitioner you want to be.  Different schools have different focuses.  For example, at the Nordblom Institute of Footzonology, you will learn a very physical zone.  However, Katri doesn’t spend much time teaching about the energetic aspects of the foot zone.  At We Do Feet, you will not only learn about the physical aspects of the zone but also the energetic aspects.  Because the Foot Zone Technique is an energy modality we believe that it’s important to thoroughly understand both the physical AND energetic aspects of the foot zone.  Meanwhile, at the Academy of Foot Zone Technique, Kathy goes for a more “middle of the road” approach.  Her classes don’t have as much of a physical focus as the Nordblom Institute and she doesn’t spend as much time teaching about the energetic aspects of the zone as We Do Feet.  Each of these approaches to teaching the Foot Zone has it’s benefits depending on the kind of Foot Zone Practitioner you want to be.

When Should I Start My Training?

Only YOU can decide when the timing is right to start your training.  Each school has their own teaching schedule that can be found on their website or by contacting them directly.  At We Do Feet, we hold Spring and Fall Semester classes.  The Fall Semester begins in September and will continue for nine consecutive months with students meeting one week-end per month.  The training is in-depth, it is thorough, it is fun, it is exciting, and it is life-changing!  Take a look at the curriculum, read what recent graduates have to say, and then call me at 801-292-7574 with any questions.  I would be happy to help you with the next step.  🙂

To experience a Foot Zone Session, take a look at the Directory of Foot Zone Practitioners to locate a Foot Zone Therapist in your area.


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