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Safety Energy Lock 1

Safety Energy Lock 1 – The Prime Mover

Location:  on the inside of the knee, at the bulge where the thigh and the shinbone connect

As the Prime Mover, SEL 1 carries the power of unity into our being and allows life energy to descend to the front of the body – from head to toe.  SEL 1 unifies the descending energy with the ascending energy and so it harmonizes us from head to toe.  Once SEL 1 begins to move, then everything else will begin to move.

SEL 1 sets us in motion when we are mentally or spiritually stuck or stalled in any given situation.  At the same time, it brings stability and strengthens self-confidence as well as our basic sense of trust.

SEL 1 supports exhaling and clears the head.  Disharmony in SEL 1 is worry, not being willing to exhale, to let go; feeling or being stuck.  Physically there may be extra padding around the inside of the knees or above the waist (think muffin top or spare tire); there may be headaches, breathing problems, asthma, or gastrointestinal problems.

SEL 1 brings movement into any stagnation of energy.  It strengthens self-confidence and a basic sense of trust and empathy.  SEL 1 calms nerves and relieves stress.


Safety Energy Lock 2

Safety Energy Lock 2 – Wisdom; Illuminating Intelligence

Location:  in the lower back, at the top of the hipbone

Mary said that SEL 2 is the life force for all creatures’ wisdom, that it is man’s free will.  SEL 2 brings growth and self-sight, the ability to know myself.  It helps the process of regeneration, inhaling and receiving.  SEL 2 allows us to move, to let go, and to create.  It allows us to purify and transform ourselves, to re-create ourselves through the process of inhaling breath.

Opening SEL 2 helps us to discard entrenched opinions and reconnect with the original wisdom and meaning of life.  Instead of wishing to change the other, holding SEL 2 helps us to open our viewpoint to receive wisdom.

Because SEL 2 helps with inhaling, a disharmony may affect our ability to receive the abundance that is available for us to receive.  A disharmony in SEL 2 affects grief in the body.  It also affects how I perceive myself and what I allow myself to receive.  A disharmony may say something about my own self-image.  Am I telling myself I don’t deserve abundance or that I haven’t earned abundance?  A disharmony in SEL 2 limits my mind and prevents me from recognizing my ability to receive abundance.

SEL 2 helps with the structural support of the body, back pain,  herniated discs, osteoporosis, painful or swollen legs, or difficulty breathing.  Opening SEL 2 relieves mental tension and helps with conflict, doubt, desperation, grief, sadness, and competitiveness.

SEL 2 fosters self-knowledge and clear perception.

Q & A

Q:  If I understand Safety Energy Locks 1 is holding the inside of my knees crossing my hands to opposite knee?

A:  Safety Energy Lock 1 is located on the inside of the knee.  You harmonize SEL 1 by placing your hands or your fingers on SEL 1 and gently holding as you breathe.  You can use your palms, your finger tips, or the back of your hands.  You can use your left hand to hold the left SEL 1 or you can cross your arms and use your left hand to hold the right SEL 1.

Q:  Review again which way the energy should flow for #1 and #2 please.

A:  Both Safety Energy Lock 1 and Safety Energy Lock 2 are found on the Supervisor Pathway.  The Supervisor Pathway is two ovals of energy – one on the left side of the body and one on the right side.  These ovals of energy flow down the front of the body and up the back of the body.  The left Supervisor Flow flows down and up the center of the left side of the body.  The right Supervisor Flow flows down and up the center of the right side of the body.

The Main Central Flow is an oval pathway of energy that flows down the center of the front of the body and up through the center of your back.  The Main Central Flow branches off near the coccyx and travels down the inside leg to the inside knee and in the process becomes the Supervisor Flow.  At the inside knee (SEL 1), the Supervisor Flow begins its circuit through the body – up the back and down the front – on the left and right sides of the body.  Located along these two pathways of energy we will find most of the Safety Energy Locks.

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