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If you’ve visited my website lately you may have noticed a new addition to the menu.

I know that every once in a while we all need to stop and ask for directions.  Whether it’s on our knees, in the scriptures, Mapquest, or talking with a trusted friend, asking for help can provide us with a course correction or possibly send us on a new exciting journey of self discovery.

So, I created a Resources page where I share some of my favorite resources.  These are my ‘go-to’ companies – the products I use – the training I’ve taken (or plan to take) – the websites I visit – who I recommend to my friends.  Some products I love so much that I’ve become a Distributor/Wholesaler/Affiliate.  Some companies offer discounts on products to my friends and family (if they do, I’ve given you the code).

These are the people, products, and companies that I trust enough to use.  I hope you like them too.

Discover Something GREAT!