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As an instructor for We Do Feet, I’m proud of the curriculum we’ve developed.   During the 9-month Certification program, we go in-depth into each of the body systems and how Foot Zone Therapy relates to each of those systems.  We discuss nutrition, complementary modalities, Business Laws and Ethics, and the Principles of Success.

My goal as an instructor is to help every student become the kind of Foot Zone Practitioner they want to be.

I understand that every student has their own reasons for taking Foot Zoning Classes – some want to enhance an existing Holistic Health Practice, some want to begin their Holistic Health journey by learning the Foot Zone Technique, others want to learn how to help their family and friends in times of crisis.

Whatever your reason for learning the Foot Zone Technique, I’m here to help.

The Classroom Environment

Your training begins before you ever step into a classroom.  As soon as you register for the Foot Zone Certification class I’ll send you information that will help you prepare for the Class 1 learning environment.  Many students of Foot Zone Therapy haven’t been in a classroom for some time.  By introducing you to the learning material before you come to class, you have the opportunity to read the material and complete the homework at your own pace, easing into the classroom environment.

Class size is limited to 16 students to allow me the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with each student as they practice the techniques taught in class.

Classroom material is conveniently located online so you never have to worry about missing a reading assignment or forgetting which A&P chapters are due for the next class.  While there are some books that are hands-on, much of our reading material is available online where you can view from your desktop or iPad or print and save for later.

Student ResourcesLearning material is organized into segments to help you plan your study time and help you focus on learning one subject at a time.  While the segments work independently of each other, you’ll find a common thread blending them together.  Approaching learning topics from multiple angles allows the student to gain a greater understanding and retain the information learned more easily.

After teaching each area of the Foot Zone, I spend time demonstrating the treatment so students can observe body placement, hand placement, and Practical Application on a real person.  During this time, I also give tips and pointers on Practitioner self-care and how to avoid undue strain for the client.

Throughout the 9-month Certification program I invite experts in their field into the classroom as guest presenters to enhance the learning environment and help students gain a greater understanding of key concepts.

Preparing for Certification

In each class, students spend time in Practical Application practicing the Technique on each other or guests to the classroom.  During this time, I observe students and help them with placement and technique.

After teaching all four areas of the zone, I spend one-on-one time with each student as they go through a complete treatment.  During this time I answer any questions the student might have and ensure proper signal location so the student can be confident in their treatment.

Testing can be intimidating, even for students who are prepared.  I understand that, so in every class students spend time in Group-work reviewing segments of the Final Exam.  Studies show that students retain more when the material is discussed in a group setting.  By the time Class 9 comes around, students have reviewed the entire exam answering questions together and helping one another with tips for remembering key concepts.

Preparing for the Future

As students get closer to completing their training we discuss the steps for setting up a business and key components such as location, creating your environment, legalities, branding, websites, marketing, and getting and keeping clients.

Because creating an online presence is an important part of running a successful business, I’ve created a fully customizable Foot Zone Practitioner website template for my students and I provide their first year of website hosting for free.

I also provide sample business card and brochure templates that students can use to help them prepare marketing material that shows their unique personality.

After Graduation

After receiving their certification, students are placed on a nation-wide Directory of Practitioners.  Links to the Directory are located on holistic websites throughout the country making it easy for clients to find a Practitioner in their area.

After graduation, students gain access to the Graduate Resources – an online library that contains information on the topics relevant to Foot Zone Practitioners as well as additional marketing, branding, and business development resources.

Graduate ResourcesEach month I send a newsletter to graduates reviewing one of the body systems and providing Treatment Tips and Self-Help suggestions as well as information on Continuing Education Opportunities.

Every August, I also hold a Class Reunion for my students.  It’s an opportunity to get together with former classmates, network with other graduates, learn new treatments, stay current on Industry developments, and get a ZONE!

Continuing Education

Our Commitment to our Student - 2In any industry, Continuing Education is important for keeping yourself informed and up-to-date on the latest developments.  The same holds true for Foot Zone Therapy.  In addition to the monthly newsletter, Graduate Resources, and Annual Reunion which I provide for my students, We Do Feet offers more opportunities for continuing education than any training program in the country!

After completing the Certification course, my students are able to audit my Foot Zone Certification class for FREE at any time.  This gives you the opportunity to stay current on any new treatments that are developed and allows you to take in the information at a time when it isn’t new and when you aren’t stressed about needing to remember what’s being taught for your final exam.

All We Do Feet graduates also have the opportunity to audit any Foot Zone class taught by the school owner, Brad Noall, for FREE.  That’s like getting two Foot Zone Certification classes for the price of one!

We Do Feet graduates can also audit any other We Do Feet instructor’s 2-day class for only $100 plus material fees!  With more than 25 instructors, that’s a LOT of continuing education opportunities!  Each instructor covers a different body system each month in their class, so that’s more than 25 opportunities a year to learn about the Lymphatic System, or the Nervous System, or any other body system and how it relates to the Zone.  PLUS because the 2-day class also covers Principles of Success, complementary modalities, and other Instructor Selected Topics relevant to a Foot Zone Practitioner, auditing these classes is a wonderful way to stay up-to-date, get new perspectives, and gain new training.

Our Commitment to Our Students

At We Do Feet, we’re here to support you before, during, and after you complete your training.  You won’t find another program with a more comprehensive curriculum and a bigger commitment to helping students succeed.


Registration for the Fall Semester is open now.  If learning the Foot Zone Technique is part of your journey, I’d love to help you.  You’re welcome to call me for more information (801-292-7574) or register now to begin your training in Foot Zone Therapy.

Foot Zone Class - Deposit
Foot Zone Class - Deposit
Reserve your space in the 2021 Fall class by paying a $200 Deposit. The deposit is non-refundable but may be transferred or applied to a future class. When your deposit is received you will receive information on class books and materials and gain access to the Class 1 Online Learning Module.

2021 Fall Semester begins September 24-25.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - Register for class before June 30th and receive $200 off your Books & Materials fee.

Price: $200.00

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