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Only one week left in our Self-Care Challenge!  Have you begun to feel a difference?  Can you see how beneficial self-care is – not only for yourself but for your family and your career?

Did last week’s challenges stretch you?  Did you try something new?  What was your favorite activity last week?  What did you notice?  After our challenge, will you find a way to continue with daily self-care?  Remember, self-care isn’t just “fluff”!  It has very positive benefits – like helping us perform better at work, improving relationships with others, improving our emotional well-being and our physical health, helping us handle stress more effectively, preventing “burn out”, boosting our immune system, and enhancing self-esteem.

Creating an ongoing self-care routine doesn’t have to be complicated.  Choose one or two simple things that you do each day and one thing that you do each week that requires a little more effort.  What you do isn’t as important as doing something to fill your bucket.  It’s very difficult to fill another’s glass when your pitcher is empty.

Here are your Self-Care challenges for this week.  If the challenge for the day doesn’t feel comfortable, it’s ok to switch it up, but stretching beyond your comfort zone can actually be very healing and rewarding.

Day 24 – Turn off all electronics at 7 PM

Day 25 – Dry body brush  (here are instructions how)

Day 26 – Go to bed 30 minutes early

Day 27 – Try yoga (I found a 30-day introduction to yoga video series on YouTube that I really like)

Day 28 – Drink a cup of herbal tea (here’s one of my favorites)

Day 29 – Listen to a guided meditation (if you have Amazon Prime, you can listen to this one for free)

Day 30 – Hold hands with your love


Here’s another infographic that I really liked.   🙂

Have you found benefits from self care?

Please share your experiences and suggestions in the comments below.