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This is a guest post by Brad Noall.  Brad is the Owner and Lead Instructor for We Do Feet Seminars teaching in Wellsville, Utah.  He’s been a Foot Zone Practitioner since the year 2000 and began teaching Foot Zone Therapy in 2001.  Brad is often described as full of life, inspiring, and deeply passionate about what he teaches.  He is personally involved with each student who enrolls in the We Do Feet program and encourages them on their journey as they learn to find and master their own gifts and rise to their full potential.  Brad has a detailed understanding of the human body and nutrition as well as unique insights on the Laws of the Universe and energy correction.  Brad is married to Susan Noall who works beside him.  When he isn’t mentoring others, he finds peace and happiness through competing in Triathlons, playing with his family, and spending time in nature – from beaches to the mountains.  I invite you to visit the We Do Feet Seminars website and hope you enjoy his post.


What is an Ionic Detox Foot Bath?

For as long as I can remember there has been an interest in detoxifying and cleansing our bodies. One of the modalities that has made its way into the healing world is the Ionic Detox Foot Bath. In a nut shell, you soak your feet in a tub of fresh water with an ionic array in it and when you are done the water has changed to a gross black color, full of metals, toxins, and yucky stuff from your body.

This obviously has been met with controversy from the medical world.  This is to be expected because of a lack of education regarding this modality on their part.

The Technical Stuff and How it Works

This modality uses a tub of water for your feet and an array made of metals that is connected to a controller box with a power supply. The array may be made from ceramic plates, copper, titanium or other conductive metals. The Array is placed in the water.  The water will have a small amount of sea salt added to act as a conductor.  A program from the controller is run that charges the array.  Here is where the magic begins.  The array produces positive (+) and negative (-) Ions that create a change in our bodies.  A couple of things happen at this point. The ionic charge in the water circulates through you creating an ionic field throughout your body, charging every cells with + and – ions. This attempts to create a state of homeostasis (or balance). In doing so, this allows our body to release the toxins that are stored at a cellular level.

But where do they go?

Toxins are released into the blood stream so the body can get rid of them through its natural means of cleansing. Then a second thing occurs. The array, through its charge, attracts the poisons, toxins and heavy metals from our blood stream, through our capillaries, out the pores and sweat glands in our feet and into the water. The array attracts the toxins and metals similar to a magnet, as they build up on the array, they fleck off into the water and create interesting colors of black, brown, green, orange, and white yuck!

There have been many studies showing an increase of metals in the water after a 30 minute foot soak. It should be mentioned that even without your feet in the tub the water will change slightly.  This is caused by several factors. Water will separate with any electrical charge; also toxins, chemicals and metals in the water will create some visual changes. However, there is considerably more change when your feet are in the water.  This lets us know that the change in the water is coming out of our bodies.

What is it used for and what are the benefits?

We could talk all day on testimonials and benefits of the Ionic Detox Foot Bath, but I will just highlight a couple. One of the main uses is to pull heavy metals out of the body that are stored at a cellular level. Another is for Lactic acid build up, also Candida yeast control, and unwanted medication storage in our bodies.

We find it very beneficial to use this modality in conjunction with other healing methods such as Chiropractics, acupuncture, energy work, and Foot Zone Therapy – to name a few.

When used prior to a Foot Zone Session, the ionic charge through the body helps open up the energy signals, aids in the detoxification of the body, and helps open some stubborn signals. The Foot Zone also balances any possible side effects that may occur from the detox.

Are their Precautions?

The precautions are similar to any other modality of cleansing. Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid. Severely toxic, malnutrition, or unhealthy people should always use caution.

There are many types of Ionic Foot Bath systems on the market. Some use older technology and some are more modern. Either way, detoxification at any level has shown great benefits.


Note:  Mind Body and Sole offers the Ionic Detox Foot Bath for only $40 for a 30-minute session!  Or you can add the Ionic Detox Foot Bath to a Foot Zone Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, or Jin Shin Jyutsu Session for only $20!  Call (801) 292-7574 to schedule your Ionic Detox Foot Bath today!