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The Root Chakra

The Base or Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and is related to security, survival, and also to basic human potential.  This first chakra represents our relationship with our physical body and with the material world.  It grounds us in our physical existence.  The first chakra is the energy center for issues relating to work, career, money, and physical identity.

When balanced, its energy helps us to blend the physical with the spiritual.  We feel secure in our career and with our finances.  We feel loved and wanted by friends and family.  We feel good about ourselves physically and emotionally and are content with our body.

When unbalanced, we may be afraid of life, feel like a victim, withdraw from physical reality, or operate in our own interests only.    Issues which relate to blocks in the first chakra include problems with finances, not taking care of yourself, having unfounded fears, being anxious or restless, being under-weight, and chronic disorganization.  Issues which relate to excessiveness in the first chakra include feeling sluggish, lazy, or tired; obesity, overeating, hording, materialism, greed, and fear of change.  Physical symptoms can include any difficulties with feet, legs, hips, or lower back, weight, the Immune System, bones, and physical body support.

Function:  Survival and Security

Challenge:  Fear

Color:  Red

Musical Style, Note & Vowel Sound:  Rock & Roll, C, U (ooh)

Stones associated with the first chakra:  hematite, smoky quarts, block and snow flake obsidian, carnelian, red garnet, red jasper, ruby, fire agate

Essential Oils to support the first chakra:  cedar wood, chamomile, cinnamon, clove, fir Siberica, frankincense, ginger, lavender, myrrh, sandalwood, tea tree, thyme

Healing Strategies:  Physical activities, jogging, wearing red clothing, raking leaves, Foot Zone Therapy or foot massage, playing with children.  Reconnecting our body to the earth by waling bare feet in the grass or on a sandy beach, gardening, walking through the park, or hiking in the wilderness.

Reason it Works:  Presence – being here now – is essential for health.  Many of us “split” from our bodies when we were very young.  Disassociation made sense when it was the only way we could survive.  We want to break this pattern of leaving our bodies when we are frightened or distracted because, in reality, we can only protect ourselves if we stay.

Sample Affirmations:  “I am stable, safe, and secure.”  “I am rooted in life, and in myself.”

Q & A

Q:  How do you use the stones to help balance the chakra?

A:  When you recognize a first chakra need you can simply hold, or carry with you in your pocket, one of the stones associated with the first chakra.  If you have jewelry made from one of the stones listed, you can wear it.  If problems with the first chakra continue to manifest you may choose to seek out a Practitioner for a crystal layout session or visit a Foot Zone Practitioner.

Q:  How do you use essential oils to help balance the chakra?

A:  Essential oils can be applied, properly diluted of course, or diffused.  Point of application isn’t a concern since the essential oil will quickly absorb into the blood stream and begin the process of balancing physical and emotional needs.

Q:  When you’re foot zoning and you can’t get the root chakra to balance, what do you do? It just has a heavy heart beat energy, almost like a beating drum, how to you balance it? Or calm it?

A:  What I tell my students when they’re first learning the chakra balance is to start with just two chakras, I recommend the Root and the Throat chakras.  Lightly place your thumbs on those chakras and listen for the energy.  Once you feel it, recognize the characteristics of the energy of each chakra.  Is one loud and pounding, or faint?  If  one is loud and pounding compared to the other, instruct the loud chakra to balance.  If one is faint, instruct it to open.  Once those two chakras are harmonized with equal energy, add in additional chakras – I recommend the heart, solar plexus, and sacral chakras.  Once you feel these chakras, recognize their characteristics in comparison to the others.  Go through the process of balancing and harmonizing these chakras, in a similar manner – instructing the energy to either open or balance.  I then add in the crown and third eye chakras and balance them in a similar way so that all the chakras are open and balanced.

I instruct the chakras, I don’t command them, because energy wants to obey and because the energy behind “commanding” isn’t one that’s balanced and harmonized.

If there is one particular chakra that I feel needs additional attention, I’ll discuss healing strategies with the client for the that chakra and give them some suggestions for self-help that they can work on at home.

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